Early WON Voting

Hey Scott–

So I've been catching ROH on Destination America, and loving it. Fast-paced, fun matches; A nice, simple hour of wrestling that is easy to enjoy.


Maybe I'm late to the party, but I'd like to vote Steve Corino (I'm not going to call him "King" godamnit, until he starts shrieking about puppies and begins praising the wise and benevolent Carey Silken) as an early winner for Worst Announcer of the Year.

Good Doom, he is horrible. From awkward interjections, to badly flowing dialogue with Nigel McGuiness, to having ZERO emotional reactions to the storyline he's involved in where his son get the shit kicked out of him, the man is just a cypher, and ROH should find a different corner for him if he's there to simply collect a paycheck because they like him.

Bag all you want on the RAW monkeys, (and I do!) they at least have the excuse of Vince screaming in their ear. Why is Corino so horrid…?


​I've always found him overrated as a wrestler, too, but I don't think he's THAT bad as an announcer. ​