3 Superstars, 3 Questions

1.) A few years ago the WWE was pushing William Regal HARD, even having him win King of the Ring. I think there were rumors of him possibly main-eventing something  or even winning the WWE title, even if it was only temporary.  Then his drug suspension derailed everything.  Do you know what the ultimate plans were for him?

2.) Is there any way to turn the late 90s version of Bossman face if you wanted to? It's kind of hard recover from killing and feeding someone their dog.

3.) Supposed you had psychic powers and knew Shawn Michael was gonna get injured and be out for four years after WM XIV. Do you still do the screwjob?  Seems kind of a waste to do in hindsight.

​1.  No idea.  But I seriously doubt there was any serious plans for him in the main event.
2.  I don't know why you'd want to turn him face, but I think fans would have bought a babyface turn for him as much as anyone.  The dog thing wasn't exactly played for high drama. 
3.  Since Vince was apparently dead set on Shawn Michaels being the only person who Bret could drop the title to, I guess you'd have to.  I think it was more of a waste to let Bret Hart go to the opposition in the first place when the company was about to explode in popularity​.