Stip Matches

Sorry if this was brought up in any discussion yesterday, as I haven't been on the board much due to work. Anyway, as far as stip matches go, WWE '13 had a game mode that I always thought was a really cool idea, the "Championship Scramble." 
Six wrestlers face off in a match that has a time limit. During the time limit,
many falls will occur. The wrestler that has earned the latest fall, either by
pinfall or submission, is "it". As long as they remain "it" when the timer
runs out, they win whatever title is being contested.
I feel like it sets the table for all kinds of chaos and crazy wrestling, and would be something really different.  Imagine scenerios where heels are just murdering guys who aren't even "it" just to take them out of contention, or where someone like Ziggler takes a finisher, then has to survive getting ganged up as the other five guys taste blood in the water and look for the next fall. You could even do the HHH Judgment Day 2000 spot where someone takes a DQ just so they can follow up with a pin.
​They did the Scramble match deal at that one PPV and it was pretty entertaining, actually.  I'm surprised they never tried it again.  It was 2009, I think, because Jericho ended up winning the World title from Punk.  ​