Smackdown – June 18, 2015

June 18, 2015
First Niagara Center, Buffalo, New York
Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Jerry Lawler
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
ending of Monday’s show saw the return of Brock Lesnar as the
Authority’s big surprise to deal with Rollins, ignoring the history
of Lesnar hurting HHH and then Stephanie freaking out on him the
night after Wrestlemania when Lesnar destroyed everything and injured
Cole, which hasn’t been mentioned on TV yet. Let’s get to it.

memory of Dusty Rhodes.
Sheamus to get things going. Sheamus holds up the briefcase and
laughs at the fans for saying he looked stupid. He feels like a
million dollars and promises to be the next WWE Champion. I know
it’s not a popular opinion but I wouldn’t be opposed to that.
Sheamus has been making plans to get around Seth Rollins and Brock
Lesnar, which would leave everyone out of his way to make him
brings out Dean Ambrose to remind Sheamus that he pinned him on
Monday. Why should that matter? Money in the Bank is a shortcut
around silly things like wins and losses and just lets the company
put whomever they want in the title scene without putting in the
effort. Anyway, Ambrose says the briefcase belongs to Reigns and
Dean would have no problem getting it back to its rightful owner.
Sheamus wants to fight right now but Kane comes out to uneven the
odds. The match is on.
vs. Dean Ambrose
is smart enough to drop to the floor at the bell before he runs back
in to low bridge Kane outside. The top rope elbow is broken up
though and the double teaming begins. Reigns sneaks in from behind,
because somehow he knew Sheamus would be waiting in the normal spot,
for the DQ at 1:29.
a break, the tag team main event is announced.
wants Bray to know he never runs.
Bella vs. Paige
gets a jobber entrance but we’re lucky enough to get BRIE MODE. No
Nikki here for a change. Brie goes after her to start but Paige
drops down as you do when someone is running the ropes, only to have
Brie trip over her. Paige’s superplex is countered into a sunset
bomb (good looking one too) for two as we take a break. Back with
Brie putting on a chinlock with her knees in Paige’s back before
Paige takes her into the corner for some elbows to the jaw. Paige
goes up top but Alicia Fox runs out to shove her down, setting up the
Bella Buster for the pin and another BRIE MODE at 7:28.
C. Considering Brie was in
there and can’t seem to handle running the ropes, this was better
than I was expecting. There’s something interesting about the Divas
going after Paige and her needing reinforcements (say from NXT?) and
at least Alicia is 14% more competent than most of the other Divas.
Bellas pose on the stage and Alicia is given Bella gear.
of Cena vs. Owens II and then Owens attacking Machine Gun Kelly on
mocks Renee Young for possibly being a Machine Gun Kelly fan but
blames Kelly for putting his hands on Owens first and on Cena for not
being there to save him. Kevin doesn’t need to pander to the crowd
and likes it when people earn title shots, meaning there will be no
open challenge. This brings in Cesaro, with headphones around his
neck, who would love to get in the ring with Owens tonight. He even
puts him hands on Owens’ shoulder to make sure Owens gets the point.
Ziggler vs. Bo Dallas
the match, Dallas calls Lana a rebound girl. She’s broken Rusev’s
heart and is now with Ziggler, who definitely should have made her
swipe left (online dating thing I guess). Ziggler dropkicks him at
the bell but Bo grabs a cravate. Rusev is watching in the back as
Ziggler ducks a right hand and hits the Zig Zag for the pin at 1:12.
freaks out over a post match kiss.
Enough stuff.
Woods vs. Neville
takes over fast and stomps Neville about 20 times in a row. We’re
already in the cobra clutch for a bit before New Day tries to get
involved, drawing out the Prime Time Players to even the odds. Back
in and a kick to the head looks to set up the Red Arrow but Kofi
offers a distraction to break it up. Everyone on the floor gets into
it and a dropkick sets up the Red Arrow to give Neville the pin at
2:57. I’m getting into this six man feud.
Seth Rollins with something to say. After looking at a clip of the
end of Raw, Rollins brags about being the biggest star in WWE.
However, he’s under constant scrutiny and always being disrespected
by these fans. That’s what happened this Monday on Raw, as people
are instantly thinking Lesnar will be the next WWE Champion. Rollins
was shocked when he saw Brock but at Battleground, he’s going to get
to prove that he really is the diamond and he can’t wait.
recap Bray’s promo on Reigns from Raw.
asks Reigns how long it takes Sheamus to do his hair but Reigns is
focused on Wyatt. Dean asks about Bray but Reigns doesn’t want to
talk about it. Just handle business tonight so he can get home to
his family.
Owens vs. Cesaro
and Owens pops Cesaro in the jaw to start. Cesaro does just the same
to knock Kevin outside for a suicide dive. Back in and Cesaro can’t
get him up for a suplex so Owens sends him face first into the post
as we take an early break from a promising power brawl. We come back
to a chinlock of course because how else do you expect to come back
from a break? Owens finds it boring as well as he jumps to the
middle rope and spins into a tornado DDT for two.
comes back with his reverse Angle Slam for two of his own. That
earns him snake eyes (a move that hasn’t been seen in a while) and
the Cannonball for two, shocking Owens, because he’s a good heel who
can’t believe that someone could kick out of any of his offense. A
dropkick knocks Owens off the top and both guys are down again. Is
there anything Cesaro can’t do? I’d bet he’s a world class knitter.
Owens crotches him to break up the apron superplex and the Pop Up
Powerbomb is good for the pin at 10:38.
B. Owens continues to master
the power brawling style and hopefully this leads to a singles push
for Cesaro. The guy is incredibly talented and the multiple
languages should get WWE some international help if they let him go
to some other countries for publicity. This was a fun, hard hitting
match though as both guys got to throw each other around, which is
always entertaining.
for Miz at the Movies where he talks about all the movies starring
wrestlers this year. Tonight’s movie: Vendetta, starring Dean Cain
and Big Show. Apparently Big Show was a jerk and Miz should have had
the role, as well as the Intercontinental Title. Miz rants about his
resume and wants to know why he isn’t being treated like a superstar.
Rhodes tribute video.
vs. Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns
and Sheamus get things going with the latter stomping away in the
corner. Dean comes back with chops and punches as they’ve forgotten
the whole wrestling thing so far. Everything breaks down for a bit
and the Shield brethren clean house to take us to the early break.
Back with Dean hitting the dropkick against the ropes on Kane but
Sheamus pulls him outside to take over.
knees get two for Sheamus back inside and it’s off to Kane to work on
the knee that was destroyed in the ladder match. Smart man that old
giant. Sheamus slaps on a Brock Lock for a bit before it’s back to
Kane, who gently lifts Dean throat first into the bottom rope. It’s
called a catapult but that’s being more generous than it is to call
Kane interesting. Dean gets in some right hands and the top rope
elbow, finally allowing for the hot tag despite the bad knee.
comes in off the hot tag and cleans house with a series of
clotheslines to Kane and a Samoan drop to Sheamus. The Superman
Punch is broken up by Kane grabbing both Shield guys by the throat
but the rebound lariat breaks it up. Dean dives on Sheamus but
here’s Wyatt with the picture of Reigns and his daughter as he sings
I’m A Little Teapot. The distraction lets a Brogue Kick connect for
the pin on Reigns at 12:57.
C. This
was fine for a long way to build up the Reigns vs. Wyatt story.
There was little chance that Wyatt wasn’t going to get involved
somewhere in here and that wasn’t the worst way in the world. I
could go for a more sinister Wyatt who gets inside your head instead
of just saying he’s scary of whatever he meant in the last few
says Happy Father’s Day and the picture is next to Reigns to end the
I liked this better than I
was expecting to as they gave us a good match with Owens vs. Cesaro
(no real surprise there) and nothing bad. That’s a major key to a
good show these days, especially with so much stuff packed in:
nothing on here was really bad. Some stuff was better than others,
but everything was either quick enough to
not be bad or good enough to be acceptable. Solid show this week and
it went by fast.
b. Dean Ambrose via DQ when Roman Reigns interfered
Bella b. Paige – Bella Buster
Ziggler b. Bo Dallas – Zig Zag
b. Xavier Woods – Red Arrow
Owens b. Cesaro – Pop Up Powerbomb
b. Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose – Brogue Kick to Reigns
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