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Dean Ambrose Update

The WWE reportedly wants to push Ambrose, who is receiving praise backstage, in a similar direction like Steve Austin was towards Vince McMahon in 1998. It was also reported that a top WWE star and producer a while back complained about Ambrose not having a direction and that a star also pitched the idea of Ambrose to act more like Austin to Vince himself.

WWE 4th of July Event in Japan Available Live and On Demand

The show, which will stream live at 5am EST, will also be available On Demand on the WWE Network immediately after it airs.

EVOLVE Star Works Dark Match for NXT

Johnny Gargano worked a dark match at the NXT tapings, facing Uhaa Nation. EVOLVE also issued a statement on his match, which you can read by clicking on the link below.

Former TNA Announcer Returning to Wrestling?

Don West, who was a former color commentator in TNA, had his photo sent out on Instagram by Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling teasing he was coming on board with the company.

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