NXT – June 17, 2015

June 17, 2015
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, Rich Brennan

a big week here in NXT as last week saw Samoa Joe challenging Kevin
Owens to a title shot but getting turned down because he hasn’t
racked up enough wins yet. Fair point said Commissioner William
Regal, so it’s a non-title match tonight instead. This is probably
just filler until we get to July 4 in Japan but NXT filler is still
good stuff. Let’s get to it.

you would expect, this show is dedicated to the American Dream Dusty
open with the Dusty tribute video, which is still awesome stuff.
Bliss vs. Carmella/Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady
speech this week is about Star Wars but he keeps it short. Carmella
wants a piece of Alexa Bliss, and Cass is nice enough to spell out
the one word that describes Blake, Murphy and Bliss. There’s a new
ring announcer who sounds like he has no idea who any of these people
are. He has a good, deep voice though. The fans think Blake and
Murphy look stupid but switch to BONAFIDE STUD/CERTIFIED G.
and his headlock slow Enzo down to start before a shoulder puts him
on the mat. With nothing else working, Enzo opts to dance and hits a
very unique cross body where he doesn’t actually jump but takes Blake
down anyway. Everything breaks down and the Long Island guys (and
Carmella) clean house.
from a break with Enzo slugging Blake down but getting dropped from
behind by Murphy. We hit the headlock on the mat for a good while
before Cass gets dropped off the apron. Enzo avoids a charge in the
corner though and makes the tag off to Carmella, meaning Alexa has to
come in. Carmella dominates in a hurry as everything breaks down
again. Cass plants Blake with the side slam, setting up the Rocket
Launcher for the pin at 10:22.
C-. This was fine, but there’s
a major point that caught my eye here. Since turning heel, Alexa has
been wearing more revealing attire and Carmella was wearing even less
than usual tonight. However, other than Enzo calling Carmella hot
during the entrance, their looks or attire are never addressed. The
lack of comments from Lawler or the girls ripping on each other for
their appearances and just fighting because they hate each other. I
love that about NXT and it continues to show how lame and behind the
times the Divas division really is.
of Cena vs. Owens II and the aftermath.
is here to deal with Kevin Owens but more than that he’s here because
he wants to wrestle in places that are cutting edge. That explains
the departure from TNA as I doubt they could even cut paper. As for
Owens, his running away last week told Joe that he didn’t want to
fight. Tonight though, the NXT World Champion (that’s a new one) is
getting what he deserves.
get the first part of a look at Finn Balor, mainly due to a sitdown
interview. First question: who is Fergal Devitt? Balor talks about
growing up in Ireland and how his dad built his way up from a cleaner
to a train engineer in a cool story. One day a show called
Superstars came on his TV and he was instantly hooked. We get some
really cool clips of him in some tiny independents as well as Insane
Championship Wrestling (Scotland) and Revolution Pro Wrestling UK.
Lynch cries talking about how Fergal (her word) opened a wrestling
school in Ireland and got her into the business as a result. She
lied about her age to get into the school and so that Fergal might
ask her out, which apparently he did. There are some really cool
pictures of the two of them going through school and starting their
careers, including stuff like being in the ring or just listening to
music together so you could tell they were close.
are clips from Insane Championship Wrestling with him in the demon
paint where the announcers praise him for being amazing. Next up was
New Japan but he said he’s be back to Ireland. This was about eight
minutes long and totally awesome as it made me care about Balor more
than I even have before. Part two is next week.
vs. K.C. Cassidy
headscissors takes Cassidy down to start but she comes back with a
quick rollup for two. That goes nowhere as Charlotte kicks her in
the face and chokes with the boot when asking the referee about the
speed of the count. Charlotte’s cravate doesn’t work very well as
K.C. comes back with a cross body for two, only to have her eat a
spear (good selling too). The Figure Eight makes Cassidy tap at
D+. Just a squash here to
remind us that Charlotte is awesome before she gets back into it with
Barrett and Emma for the big feud. That spear looked good and could
be a good power finisher for her as Charlotte is tall and strong
enough to make it work well. Cassidy has potential but is clearly
not that experienced.
Brooke says she’s misunderstood because she’s a current fitness
competitor who isn’t scared one of Charlotte. She’s replacing
Charlotte because she’s the total diva and not using her family name
to get into NXT. I have no idea what Carmella was looking at that
was just a foot or so off camera but it made her look really weird.
She makes up for it just a bit by coming back to pat Devon on the
Owens vs. Samoa Joe
The crowd going silent when
Joe’s music changes tells you all you need to know about how horrible
it really is. Owens bails
to the floor to start but Joe goes right after him and gets in the
champ’s face. Back in and the fans already think this is awesome.
Not so fast kids. Owens:
“THE CHAMP IS HERE!” That earns him a right hand to the face and
a big chop to the head as Joe gets in the first offense.
back elbow drops Kevin again as the fans are quieter than you would
expect. The corner enziguri sets up the Facewash and the big running
boot to the face to send Owens outside for a break. Back with Joe
missing a charge in the corner, allowing Owens to hit a Cannonball,
almost out of desperation. A chinlock keeps Joe in trouble and the
second version slows things down even more. Fans: “HEADLOCK
CITY!” It’s a chinlock
but points for creativity.
hold is finally broken and Joe drops his own backsplash for two.
Something like a running enziguri gets the same on the champ but
he fights out of the Muscle Buster. They fight to the floor but
Owens can’t powerbomb the baron of the buffet. The referee gets
shoved down and that’s a DQ at 14:39.
C-. This was more of an angle
than a match but that chinlock in the middle killed everything they
had going. I have a feeling they’ll move on to Balor vs. Owens for
now before Joe gets his big title match, or maybe just a non-title
match against Owens instead. Fun power brawl while it lasted, but
that chinlock went on way too long. It was much more of a preview
than a showdown.
do the big brawl with security not being able to hold them back post
match. Owens shouts that the champ is here to end the show.
C+. It was another of
those setting the future shows, which are often some of the best
episodes NXT puts out. The Tag Team Title rematch is set, Charlotte
looked dominant and Brooke is ready to fight her, there’s a reason
for Joe vs. Owens II and you top it off with the really awesome Balor
video. That’s quite an impressive use of 53 minutes as you have four
stories set up, which could cover a month of upcoming TV. It’s back
to efficient for NXT and that’s what they do best.
Amore/Colin Cassady/Carmella b. Blake/Murphy/Alexa Bliss – Rocket
Launcher to Blake
b. K.C. Cassidy – Figure Eight
Owens vs. Samoa Joe went to a double DQ when they both shoved the
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