Cutting off pushes

Following up on the Barrett post, why does the company routinely cut what's getting someone over, then immediately blame the wrestler for not getting over.
Barrett and Bad News gimmick is one. The obviously one was Cesaro was got over with the Swing, then was told to stop(?!).  Is it that Vince is so concerned with having strong heels to throw at Cena, that he routinely cuts the proverbial balls off any heel getting positive reactions?   It's so confusing as a fan because it's like we're being told "NO don't cheer that guy, look he's a loser!" And so we stop cheering when Barrett loses to Truth three times in 2 weeks and then Barrett gets fired for not connecting with fans

​Yup, the Cesaro question on the Vince/Austin podcast was a real eye-opener, because here's the biggest star ever and one of Vince's guys telling him right to his face that he's mistreating Cesaro, and Vince still doesn't get it.  There's honestly no method to the madness that we're missing here; it's Vince going further off the deep end​ as he gets older.