Starrcade 97 question

Reading about/Watching starrcade 97 again, and how awfully booked it was. Why didn't Kevin nash end up wrestling The Giant? I remember that being billed as the number 3 match behind the main event and Zybsko/Bischoff. Also, Larry freaking Zybsko was in the 2nd from the top match at one of the biggest cards of all time? Also Randy Savage wasn't even booked on the card and was a last minute replacement in the 6 man? And Raven didn't even wrestling even though he was booked in a feud with Benoit at the time? Any reasons for any of this??

​God, why would you watch Starrcade 97 again?  
Nash's story is that he had a heart condition scare that turned out to be heartburn or indigestion or something, although the most common rational explanation is that he didn't want to do a job.  
Raven had a really gnarly staph infection that was causing inflammation of his pancreas, or something along those lines, so that one was legit. Plus Benoit got his revenge and beat the piss out of him at Souled Out, so fine.  
Randy Savage wasn't originally going to be there because WCW had used up all his dates, and when Konnan went down with injury they had to basically call him and beg him to work and actually changed the finish of the match to Savage going over with the flying elbow to get him to work.  
Zbyszko…well, it is what it is.  Larry was pretty over in that role and I'd guess Bischoff wanted to work with someone he was friends with and trusted.  But it at least made sense from a storyline perspective.  
God, though, that show was so bad.