After hearing news of the passing of Dusty Rhodes, I wondered why Dusty and Hulk Hogan were never intertwined during Rhodes' 1989-91 WWF run? I mean, not even a one time match as tag team partners?

Also, how come Barry Windham's return to the WWF in '89 was not treated as a bigger deal? This was a guy who had just come from being a member of the premiere heel stable in wrestling at the time, and they saddled him with "The Widowmaker" gimmick and treated him as a virtual unknown (even though he was a WWF Tag Champion four years earlier).


Hogan and Dusty ran in different touring circles, as typically Hogan would headline the A-tour and Dusty would headline the C-tour and thus they weren't typically booked on a lot of the same shows.  Plus I'd have to imagine that Hogan wouldn't be super-thrilled about teaming with a guy who would probably overshadow him.  Really, there's no upside for either guy, so I can understand why they never did it.
Yeah, the Windham deal. Barry left a plum gig and probably could have ended up in the front office if he gave a shit, but he just didn't.  It was a bad fit with the WWF and I never understood why he left either, because god DAMN could you imagine the run we would have gotten out of face champion Flair defending against heel challenger Barry Windham in 1989?  It makes me cry thinking about it.