The Can-Am Connection

I have heard so many different stories over the years on why Tom Zenk abruptly left the WWF in the middle of the gigantic push of the Can Am Connection in the summer of 1987.
Did Rick Martel really cut a secret deal with Vince for a bigger percentage of the teams earnings as Zenk has told in the past? Also, if Zenk had stayed would the team have truly gotten a longer reign then Strike Force did? Or was the plan all along to simply transition to Demolition at Wrestlemania IV?
​I will say that I can't see Demolition NOT getting those belts at Wrestlemania IV.  It was the right time and right place to pull the trigger on them.  So even if the Can-Ams had ended up with the belts, it doesn't seem likely they would have been long-term champions.  One way or another Demolition was getting those suckers.  
Zenk told a lot of paranoid stories about the Can-Am's demise over the years and he typically seems pretty honest about it because he no longer gives a shit about burning bridges.  And it does kind of sound like something Martel would do.  He's a pretty smart guy.  ​