NXT – June 3, 2015

June 3, 2015
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Rich Brennan, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
is an interesting time for NXT as one of their biggest stories isn’t
taking place on NXT. Instead, NXT Champion Kevin Owens has been
called up to the main roster and even defeated John Cena clean on pay
per view in his debut match. It doesn’t help that he’s feuding with
a bunch of people here in NXT as well. Let’s get to it.

opening video is all about Owens beating Cena at Elimination Chamber.
Manager William Regal has an announcement tonight.
Breeze vs. Adam Rose
“WE WANT KRUGER!” Rose takes him into the corner to start and
nails some loud chops, followed by a headlock takeover: rest hold.
Back up and Breeze nails a great dropkick to put Rose on the floor.
That goes nowhere as Rose backdrops him to the floor and we take a
with Rose putting on a sleeper for a good while until Breeze fights
out and kicks him in the chest. Breeze, wrestling like a face here,
nails some running forearms in the corner but gets caught in a
spinebuster, which Rose transitions into a Boston crab for a nice
spot. Breeze crawls over to the ropes and comes back with the Beauty
Shot for the pin at 12:01.
C+. Breeze is one of those
characters who is going to be turned face just due to how well he
works in the ring and there isn’t much NXT can do to stop it. This
was a much better match than I was expecting, especially considering
Rose is way past his expiration date at this point.
Crowe is glad Joe was there last week and promises to be back and
better than ever.
Brooke has been at the Arnold Classic and will be back soon.
Marie is brought to the stage for a chat and MY GOODNESS the fans do
not want to see her. The YOU CAN’T WRESTLE chants stop her cold but
she says she’ll wait. Eva was at Takeover to watch the great women’s
wrestling and that’s why she’s here now. She wants to compete with
the best and they’re right here in NXT. I
know she’s been training more, but she has a huge hill to overcome to
get anywhere.
announcement is that on the big 4th of July show with
Brock Lesnar in action, Balor will challenge Kevin Owens for the NXT
Title in Japan, and it will air live on the WWE Network. Oh man that
could be awesome if they air the whole show but it sounds like just
the NXT Title match.
vs. Alexa Bliss
goes right at her with three straight takedowns and right hands every
time. Bliss manages to drop her face first onto the buckle for two
before cranking on a cravate. Back up and Carmella hits some running
forearms, only to get caught in a rollup with a hand grabbing the
ropes to give Bliss the pin at 3:34.
D+. This
is where NXT’s logical booking shines. It’s clear that they’re
setting up a six person tag and what
better way to set it up than to have the girls getting there for a
bit? Bliss has transitioned into this new role perfectly and the
character change is so jarring that it works very well.
says he’s back to go after the top contender in Finn Balor. Tonight
he’s a Gore away from being one step closer to being NXT Champion.
on Sami Zayn’s shoulder surgery, which fixed a torn rotator cuff.
vs. Jason Jordan/Marcus Louis
had been wondering what happened to Louis. The crazy Louis starts
with Gotch as the fans are very happy to have the Vaudevillains back.
It’s quickly off to English for a manly knee to the ribs (Fans:
“THAT WAS MANLY!”) but Jordan comes in for a suplex to take over.
We hit the reverse chinlock on English to slow things down. Louis
tags himself in, much to Jordan’s annoyance, and puts on a chinlock
of his own. English fights up and makes the hot tag to Gotch for a
quick Whirling Dervish and the pin on Marcus at 5:16.
So the Vaudevillains seem to be faces as well. That’s not the worst
idea in the world as you can put them against Blake and Murphy when
Enzo and Cass are done with them. That’s one of the places where NXT
shines: they set something up for when the current feud is done and
they can transition right into the new feud. I miss that kind of
well done and planned out booking. The match was nothing special and
was mostly spent in a chinlock. I’m assuming Jordan will go partner
hunting for the next few weeks.
on Sasha Banks being all Bossy.
Balor is ready for Rhyno.
Balor vs. Rhyno
out process to start until Rhyno just runs Balor over with a
shoulder. Rhyno goes up top but gets kicked out to the floor as we
take an early break. Back with Rhyno putting on a body scissors to
slow Balor down. Rhyno mocks Balor’s signature pose before putting
on a chinlock.
goes nowhere as Finn comes back with a middle rope forearm but the
reverse lifting DDT is countered into a spinebuster for two.
Frustration is setting in for Rhyno and the Pele makes it even worse.
The Sling Blade connects but the Coup de Grace misses. The Gore
misses as well though and Balor grabs a quick rollup for the surprise
pin at 12:10.
C+. I liked this better than I
was expecting to with Balor being able to adapt to Rhyno’s simple yet
effective power style. That’s the perk of having someone like Rhyno
around: he can work well with anyone and you can easily build him
back up by having him squash jobbers, only to lose again to someone
like Balor. Nice little match here.
Gores Balor on the stage to end the show.
C. This
show would best be summed up as recharging. You have the
Vaudevillains returning and Breeze acting more like a face, along
with setting up some feuds for the future. This is something you
come to expect from NXT as they hit Takeover, have a week off, and
then start getting back on track to the middle of the road feuds.
Owens vs. Balor in Tokyo should be awesome and the fans are going to
eat it up.
Breeze b. Adam Rose – Beauty Shot
Bliss b. Carmella – Rollup while holding the ropes
b. Jason Jordan/Marcus Louis – Whirling Dervish to Louis
Balor b. Rhyno – Rollup
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