Brock and Money in the Bank


What about Brock winning MITB? The idea of The Beast Incarnate spending a month or two stalking Rollins seems to good to pass up. Which, of course, means WWE will have Reigns win the briefcase. But seriously–Rollins could sell that kind of paranoia like no one else on the roster, and Brock cashing in could just loom over everything….

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Brock destroying Kofi and taking his place in the ladder match, then letting everyone kill themselves before storming out and F5'ing everyone in the match to claim the briefcase would be GENIUS.  Can you imagine how much the champion would be pissing himself knowing that Brock could literally come down to the ring and kill him any time he wanted?  That being said, two weeks of build for Brock would be silly, so it won't happen.  But that's not to say Brock won't just steal the briefcase from whoever and declare it his own property. 
The scenario floated by Dave and Bryan last night, which I also like, is Roman winning the briefcase (because, duh) and Ambrose winning the World title for realz in the main event, only to have bestest buddy Reigns go heel and beat the shit out of him to cash in.  That would rip the hearts of the crowd in the best way and probably get Roman over once and for all.