Where does TNA go from here?

Okay, so by the beginning of October, TNA will no longer have TV in the U.S.

But they'll still have international distribution deals that they need to fulfill, right?

So will they keep taping and airing TV for international markets and show Impact online like they did after they got the boot from FSR?
Or, if TNA really does go out of business, can the international TV networks sue them for not delivering a promised product?


I think by that point getting sued for non-delivery would be the least of their worries.  Not being a legal type, however, I have no idea how their deals would work or how long that TNA would keep foolishly clinging to life.  I mean, I guess in theory they could keep making TV shows, but Destination America is footing most of the bill at this point so I don't even know if they have the cash to produce their own product.