Joe v. Owens

Rumors circulated that Joe signed a 2-year deal with WWE and could make a surprise appearance at the NXT special.  With Zayn injured is there any likelihood and pulling the old “open challenge” (maybe Owens even mimics Cena) and out walks Joe!  Any shot, or this just a smark fantasy.  If not now, how do you think the WWE will actually book Joe?  Monster heel, bodyguard (muscle) for small heel, hard work face, Umaga 2???

First up, I’m out of town as you’re reading this, so I post-dated a few Q&As because I have shit internet access for the remainder of the long weekend.  So hopefully no wrestlers die before Tuesday.  Second, I finished the fifth season of SOA before I left, and HOLY SHIT is Jax one evil genius sumbitch.  Like, DAMN, you got served, Damon Pope.  And I presume by the end of the show Otto will be the Black Knight from Holy Grail, nothing but a torso on death row. Anyway, I think Joe answering an open challenge is both plausible and awesome.  The pics that have recently circulated show him looking pretty ripped, so he certainly CAN have that WWE look if he wants to.  I think the UFC-ish shooter deal is where they’d go with him, and they should probably get him to the main roster ASAP because they desperately need threatening heels.  And although he’d get a monster babyface reaction from Smark Central at Full Sail, I really don’t want Kevin Owens to lose that belt any time soon.  Three years is a reasonable title reign, I feel.