Network future

When news came out that no one is watching archived content on the network doesn't that spell trouble for them?  We are in one of the lowest interested periods in wrestling and they're are trying to market a wrestling exclusive network.  There is a reason netflix has 60mil subs and WWE is practically begging for less than 5 percent of that.  Netflix has options of choice depending what your in the mood for.  Movies/TV, comedy, action, romance, documentary, etc..The main selling point of the network is the PPV's. but wasnt the second selling pt the archived content?  There is only so much wrestling content a person could take.  every show that isnt actual wrestling is about wrestling.  if you were in charge would you double down and add more wrestling centric content or would you attempt to go for broke and branch out to add non traditional items?  Is there( a reason they cant put wwe studios movies on there?  I know nothing about the tv business but
 could it be feasible to buy old tv shows on the cheap not like seinfeld going for 800k per episode) but maybe something like married with children, wings, home improvement, night court something that is not on tv syndication anymore?  i know people made fun of hogans cartoon getting added, but i think that was a sliver of an attempt at total family service.  like i said earlier Netflix has something for everyone male, female, kids.  maybe they were trying female demo – total divas, male- everything, kids -hogan cartoon. Im sorry this got long and most if it was just talking out of my ass cuz im someone who will never run anything in my life. Thanks for reading.

​They have every right to put WWE Studios movies on there as long as they own the rights to them, which would be anything not distributed by a major studio AFAIK.  Even then if they wanted to put 12 Rounds 2 or whatever on there, I'm sure they could work out a cheap deal for it. 
As for TV shows, yes, there are bazillions of cheaply licensed shows available for distribution.  That's basically the entire Canadian cable landscape at this point and a big reason why I don't bother with cable anymore.  Learning the Ropes is just begging for inclusion, I say!