Hey Scott,
I'm watching Lucha Underground and wondering if I'm crazy for thinking Alberto Del Rio/El Patron is the biggest of WWE's many missed opportunities of the past few years. As desperate as they are to find a Latino star who connects with the audience like Eddie Guerrero or Rey Mysterio, isn't Alberto the perfect guy? He's big, he doesn't wear a mask, he speaks English, he has a legit background, and he can work. Instead of the Mexican Million Dollar Man, shouldn't he have been the Mexican Kurt Angle?

Also, is there any reason why the WWE never took a serious look at Hernandez?

​Yeah, I don't know the deal with Hernandez, you'd think he would be perfect for them.  Alberto was just a case of them taking a guy who didn't need tweaking and forcing him into a style he wasn't comfortable with.  In the pre-PG era days, he would have been just like a Ted Dibiase, who came in fresh and worked his own style.  But hey, clearly they're all geniuses, so what do we know?  ​