A full troll idea for the IC title

OK since the IC title is already a joke, here's an idea to A. roll with the idea, and B. maybe come up with a way to make it relevant (but more so to make me laugh)

– Have the elimination chamber be for the IC title
– HHH offers Barrett a spot since he's a 5 time IC champ or whatever, and he looks at him and says "um…well, you know im doing this whole king thing right now…I'm all set man, but thanks"
– Have the next 8-10 people turn down a spot for various reasons ("I have a hair appointment", "Im allergic to steel", etc.)
– The chamber can end up being 6 guys from NXT (or like 2 other guys who need a jump start) that don't know any better
The end result is you'll end up with an awesome match, and it will be funny because the whole plot before/during/after the match can be how the title is bad luck.
I think the best option for a winner would be Bo Dallas, and then he can be the modern day Honky Tonk Man who just lucks out wins.  He can eventually be destroyed by the son of the Ultimate Warrior and the title can return to being prestigious.Thoughts? Improvements? I'm writing this in the dark so I'm sorry if it doesn't make any sense. – Rob
​I don't know about the idea of having guys turn it down, but there's something to be said for doing a bunch of qualifiers on RAW and having all the geeks win in huge upsets for fun. Given that this is a by definitions a free show and you're not hurting anything by screwing around with it, why not have some fun with it? The show is already found money as far as the gate, so do a main event of Neville v. Dallas v. Slater v. three other geeks and give people something different for once. Or have 5 guys win stunning upsets and then, say, Sheamus squashes Zack Ryder to qualify and everyone is like "Oh man, Sheamus is gonna kill all these guys!" and then have him locked in there as the last guy in to really build up the drama. ​
​There's just a lot of different directions you can go and do wacky stuff with it. What we'll get is Barrett v. Sheamus v. Ziggler v. Neville v. Harper v. R-Truth with all the same guys at the same level forever​.