Hi Scott,

Leading into this Cena vs Rusev feud, I had higher hopes for Rusev than what Wyatt got last year. I mean in that feud, Wyatt lost, won by bullshit means then lost the feud, ultimately. I really didn't feel it benefited him at all.

Now this year we're going to see FOUR straight ppvs of Rusev getting emasculated, it's almost as if they needed the extra time to kill him off because he hasn't died handily a la Wyatt last year?!

I don't get this thinking that "being in the ring with John Cena is a great rub", it SHOULD be but Wyatt took some building back up again after (has he really recovered now even?), I fear the same for Rusev, unfortunately.

And what's the point in an "I Quit" match?! Really? I get that there is some doubt in some people's minds, but c'mon, really?! They're going to finish four months worth of feud with the most predictable match of the lot!

Keep up the (sports)-entertainment,


​Yeah, as I've said before, I think the US title open challenge is doing more for Cena's opponents than this boring Rusev feud is.  It seemed to be a gimmick that was picking up momentum, too, which is why it's so baffling that they seemingly have Cena existing in two forms at the same time.  Also, if they split up Rusev and Lana it's death for both acts.  Talk about decisions that no one asked for, ever. ​