Freebirds in Georgia


I have been looking for info on the Freebirds split in Ga and there seems to be two stories – some sites says Roberts and Gordy attacked Hayes after a loss. In a promo Hayes claims Gordy walked out on him during a match against Ole and Gene Anderson.

In his promo Hayes says Ole sold him out. Not sure how that would work since Gordy was his partner.

can't find any results of a match between the Andersons and the Birds. Did Hayes turn face off camera and they created the phantom walk out to explain the face turn? Was there an attack and a reconciliation before Gordy walked out on him?

I will say first up, I love the font.  That being said, that era is WAY before my time as a fan, so perhaps some of the other grumpy and older farts here on the blog can be of more assistance to you on that one.