BoD Daily Update RAW Preview

Daniel Bryan Update

Despite not being booked on RAW or Smackdown this week, Bryan is still booked for this coming weekend’s house shows. (It should be noted that Meltzer himself did not expect Bryan to make these dates but he is still booked for the shows at the moment).

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Radio

Paul Heyman Update

Right now the plan for Heyman is to return to WWE TV in July, likely so he can hype up Brock Lesnar’s match at SummerSlam.

Eric Bischoff to Work for Global Force Wrestling?

At a Q&A Session this past weekend for Preston City Wrestling. Bischoff (who was with Jeff Jarrett) was asked by Karen Jarrett if he would be working for GFW at any point. Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett both said yes and that they are in the early stages of planning at this point.