Impact Wrestling – April 24, 2015

Date: April 24, 2015
Location: Impact Zone,
Orlando, Florida
Commentator: Josh
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
This is a special
episode, focusing on the Knockouts. We’ll be seeing new Knockouts
debut, a Knockouts Title match with Taryn Terrell defending against
Awesome Kong, a four way for the #1 contendership and an announcement
on Mickie James’ in ring future. In non-Knockouts news, we have
another announcement from Ethan Carter III and Kurt Angle defending
the World Title against Eric Young. Let’s get to it.

The opening video hypes
this up as TKO: A Night of Knockouts.
Here’s Angle to call
out Eric Young for a talk. Eric comes out in his crazy attire
instead of the old version that Kurt wanted to see. Before they
fight tonight, Angle wants to know which version he’s getting. Young
talks about being called crazy all his life but one day last year,
that turned into a World Title. The crazy kept going but last week
it stopped when Angle turned his back on him to offer Eric a free
shot. Eric says he’ll fight Angle tonight, but it’s going to be the
best version of him.
They shake hands but
here’s Austin Aries, who says he’s cashing in tonight so Eric can
find something else to do. He tells Angle to go get ready because
it’s going to be one of the biggest fights of his life. Young
doesn’t look pleased and will likely be back around for later in the
night. Sidebar: what exactly is crazy about Eric Young? He’s
certainly angry and aggressive, but not crazy.
Taryn Terrell says
she’s keeping the title.
Kim vs. Angelina Love vs. Brooke vs. Madison Rayne
Madison jumps Brooke in
the aisle and it’s a big brawl before the bell. We take a very early
break and come back with Brooke and Madison fighting over a suplex
until Brooke gets sent to the apron, only to snap both Madison and
Angelina across the top rope. Gail gets back in it with a double
dropkick and a splash to Madison, only to eat Angelina’s spinwheel
kick to put her down again. Brooke gets knocked to the floor,
leaving Madison to get two off a northern lights suplex.
Gail sidesteps a
missile dropkick but Brooke intercepts her charge and hammers on
Madison in the corner. A middle rope X Factor gets two on Madison
and Love gets dropped by a flapjack. We get the big multi-submission
spot which has never gotten a fall ever, followed by Brooke dropping
a top rope elbow on Rayne. Gail dropkicks Love down before both good
girls cross body each other down. It’s time for the parade of
finishers and Brooke hits the Tesshocker on Madison for the pin at
C. If the Divas got time like
this, I might be able to care about them a lot more. I also like
that there aren’t many perky, happy Knockouts. It helps to have some
shades of gray in there and girls with slightly more developed
characters. Queen Bee, perky model and serious wrestler aren’t in
depth characters, but they’re miles more defined than Alicia Fox,
Layla and Natalya.
Rising wants a fight with the BDC tonight, one on one. I’m
still waiting on an explanation for why the Rising needs to exist.
Eric Young isn’t happy.
vs. Kenny King
Rising vs. BDC. MVP
says it’s going to be one on one but King jumps Micah in a surprise
to get things going. The Rising is quickly ejected as Micah fights
back and stomps King in the corner. King sends him to the floor for
a beating from the BDC and puts on a chinlock, only to miss a
spinning kick to the head. A Big Ending puts King down but MVP
distracts the referee, allowing Low Ki to grab Micah’s foot. King
kicks Micah in the head for two but springboards into a Samoan drop
to give Micah the pin at 5:00.
C-. The match was fine but I
have no idea why this feud needs to exist. Both teams are pretty
generic and they would have been better off just doing MVP vs.
Galloway. Not a bad match here but it’s a story I don’t care about
because I haven’t been given a reason to care.
Rising runs in but gets beaten down, including some shots with a
Post break, Galloway
wants Low Ki next week in a steel pipe on a pole.
vs. Laura Dennis
Dennis is better known
as indy wrestler Cherry Bomb while Jade is Mia Yim as one half of the
Dollhouse. She and Marti Belle skip to the ring to piano music and
dance with each other in the ring. Laura kicks her in the side of
the head to start as a Cherry Bomb chant starts up. Jade gets more
fired up and pounds Laura in the head for two. Marti hands Jade
something that looked like a jawbreaker, which seems to fire Jade up
even more as she hits Laura in the head. Marti trips Laura up and
gets ejected so she nails the referee and helps with a double team on
Laura for the DQ at 4:03.
D+. Well
that was creepy. Dollhouse is definitely something interesting and
WAY different than the rest of the Knockouts. It’s the kind of
different we haven’t seen since Winter, but hopefully this doesn’t
turn into something really stupid. Really effective debut though and
I want to see more from this team.
Dollhouse isn’t cool
with how Christy announces the decision so they beat her up and stick
the jawbreaker in her mouth and dropkick her into the steps.
Angle tells Young that
he didn’t know Aries was going to do that. Young says history keeps
repeating itself but Angle offers him the next shot. That’s not cool
with Young, who threatens to leave. Amazingly enough, Angle doesn’t
try to stop him. Smart man that Kurt.
Magnus introduces
Mickie James for her big announcement. Mickie talks about her
history in the ring and how amazing it feels to be in action, but now
she has something more important: their son Donovan. She’s very
grateful for the fans, but as of tonight, she’s going home to be a
mom. This brings out James Storm, who says people know he loves hot
women, fast cars and cold beer. He sees a female version of himself
in Mickie and knows she loves to hear those chants.
No one wants to see her
go, but Magnus says this was too hard of a decision. James keeps
going but Mickie asks him to stop because her decision is made.
Storm understands the love she has for her son but these people love
Mickie James. He’s asking for one more match and actually talks
Mickie into it. This was more Cowboy James Storm than Revolution
James Storm, which is rather interesting indeed. Magnus looks
annoyed at the decision but forces a smile.
During the break,
Magnus says he supports the decision but still doesn’t look thrilled.
Davey Richards comes up and warns Magnus to stay away from Storm
because he’s evil. Magnus appreciates the advice.
Richards vs. Manik
In a case of bad
editing, Davey is in the ring three seconds after he was shown
walking to the ring and Manik gets an entrance. Feeling out process
to start with Davey nailing a dropkick but charging into a
hurricanrana with Manik going into a cross armbreaker. A snap suplex
into a belly to back puts Richards down for two and we hit the
chinlock. Manik puts on another armbreaker over the ropes but dives
into a kick to the chest. The double stomp misses so Davey throws
him into the air for a kick to the chest, setting up Creeping Death
for the pin at 5:40.
C. Well, that was in fact a
wrestling match and I’m kind of struggling to come up with anything
else to say about it. The X-Division is just filler at the moment
and I actually had to think for a second to figure out who has the
title right now. Nothing to
see here but the match was fine.
match the Revolution comes out to beat on Davey but the Hardys make
the save, likely setting up
a six man.
Carter says he debuts a new campaign tonight.
are Ethan and Tyrus (in a suit and hat, holding balloons) for the
announcement. Josh says we’ve been wondering about this for weeks.
I’ve been wondering about it for maybe an hour and a half as I hadn’t
heard about it until the beginning of this show. Carter
declares himself the next World Champion and brags about beating
every member of the Hall of Fame. This
brings out Mr. Anderson for some easy political jokes but Tyrus gets
in his face. Anderson gives
a good speech about the work it takes to win championships but Ethan
wants to fight. They start
brawling but Carter bails before it gets too bad.
on Taryn Terrell wanting to fight Awesome Kong.
Title: Awesome Kong vs. Taryn Terrell
Terrell is defending.
Before the match, Taryn asks to make this No DQ and Kong has no
issue. Kong easily knocks her to the floor and giant swings the
champ into the barricade. It’s kendo stick time, because those were
just laying under the ring in case a No DQ match broke out. Taryn
escapes a powerbomb into the steps and avoids a splash back inside.
An ax handle puts Kong
down and it’s table time, as per the fans’ request. As she’s setting
it up though, here’s the Dollhouse. They stand at ringside as Kong
puts Taryn on the table for a splash before getting on the apron for
some very weak kendo stick shots. Taryn gets up and a triple
powerbomb puts Kong through the table for the pin at 5:12.
D+. Angle instead of a match
here but I’m digging the idea of Taryn leading the Dollhouse. It’s
certainly an interesting idea that they haven’t tried before, and the
Knockouts division has needed some fresh blood for way too long now.
Good idea here and an interesting turn.
Taryn grabs a mic and
says everyone told her she couldn’t do it. Well now no one can beat
her because her friends don’t play nice. This is their house: the
Dollhouse. Jade and Marti dance around her before giving Kong the
Aries is coming to the
ring and runs into Young as he leaves. Austin apologizes and offers
Eric the first shot.
Magnus comes up to the
production staff and asks them to follow Mickie while he’s working.
World Title: Austin Aries vs. Kurt Angle
Angle is defending but
it’s 10:56 and Angle’s music hasn’t even started playing yet. As you
probably expect, Eric Young sneaks in and attacks Aries with the
briefcase before Kurt appears and piledrives him on the floor. A
second piledriver on the steps FINALLY brings Angle out for some
shouting. Young sends Angle into the steps to bust him open and goes
after the knee, setting up the Figure Four.
The show ends with a
preview for next week’s Hardcore Justice, which was April’s One Night
Only and includes at least one match from the show. That’s a new
idea and based on the old One Night Only shows, one of the worst
possible things they could do.
B. Other than the Eric
Young stuff (more on that later), I really liked this show. The
Dollhouse is an interesting idea and a fresh direction for the
division and the focus on the Knockouts held up WAY better than I was
expecting. As I said earlier, just adding some character to their
matches helps it so much and gives you something to cheer for. I
also dug the idea of Storm going after the family unit for whatever
reason. Him not having the Revolution around him makes him so much
more enjoyable too.
As for Young, this was
another example of why I don’t like him in this spot. In addition to
not liking the CRAZY thing (because he isn’t acting crazy), there are
so many other people who could be in this spot. Storm, Carter, Bram,
Aries, even MVP or Galloway would be more interesting opponents for
Angle. Young comes off as a guy who is in over his head and is just
there to get beaten in the end. Why have average when you could have
really good? Anyway, really solid show tonight and a very big
Brooke b. Gail Kim,
Angelina Love and Madison Rayne – Tesshocker to Rayne
Micah b. Kenny King –
Samoan drop
Laura Dennis b. Jade
via DQ when Marti Belle interfered
Davey Richards b. Manik
– Creeping Death
Taryn Terrell b.
Awesome Kong – Powerbomb through a table
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