Hi Scott,

first of all just want to say thanks for keeping me entertained during
the "Netcop" days. As a teenager during the turn of the century, part
of the highlights of my wrestling fandom was waiting for your PPV
reviews which were hilarious and sometimes more entertaining than the

Like a lot of people, after the Invasion started I just zoned out of
wrestling. maybe watching the odd match here and there. For some
reason a couple of years ago, I was bored and decided to watch some
WWE again. And the Daniel Bryan story in 2013 leading up to
Wrestlemania 30 really hooked me in. But after that it was clear that
Bryan was an anomaly of booking and WWE just got incredibly boring
again. I also started to watch other promotions such as TNA, which I'd
heard about but never watched.

And to be honest I think that as far as onscreen product goes, Impact
was by far and away more compelling than anything else on tv. I loved
the storylines and it seems since about June last year, they've had a
string of great shows from a booking perspective. Wrestlers seem to
have more freedom to develop their characters, and the booking has
managed to put people like EC3, the Wolves, Spud, Bram, Lashley over
as credible wrestlers. They've also got a Main event scene that is
fresh and unpredictable.

However as I looked online It seems that there's a vocal group of
people that just want nothing to do with TNA. They say that even if
the show is good, that they've been "burned", which seems strange to
me considering the amount of times every wrestling promotion has gone
through bad patches. Perhaps because I didn't watch it before, I
didn't know, but I doubt that anything they've done is far more worse
than the intelligence insults the WWE slings at people.

It seems there's this weird double standard for TNA and for those who
have been a part of the current wrestling fandom for a while it might
not seem to be weird, but as someone who used to be a huge wrestling
fan and is rediscovering their love for wrestling, it seems incredibly
bizarre and confusing. I can't think of another artform or fandom that
has this almost vitriolic hate for a organisation. It reminds me of
the Monday Night Wars in that people were choosing sides, but that
logic doesn't really apply anymore because of the WWE hegemony.

I get that not everyone wants to watch it. but I think the hate from
people who don't even watch is unfair to the wrestlers. They've
practised their craft for years and dedicated their lives to wrestling
and it's pretty disgusting really to be told that nothing they do
matters, no matter how much they sacrifice their bodies to put on
great shows, that nothing they do matters because of the company the
work in.

Wrestling fans are always moaning about how the art of wrestling is
unappreciated by the mainstream and how they don't get respect. I
think that some of these same fans need to realise that they are
acting in the same way towards TNA and have crossed the line from not
liking something to being out and out disrespectful. It can't be easy
to bust your ass week in and week out only for "smarks" to ignore you,
or worse tell you they don't give a shit because of things that Hogan
and his pals did a few years ago. It's just not fair to the wrestlers
or the staff.

Sorry for ranting, but as a wrestling fan who now watches wrestling
from all the world, It's been bugging me for a while now.