96 Raw

I watched a few of the episodes of Raw from 96 that you have been reviewing. I know 1996 is known as the greatest era for TV, but have you noticed anything from that era that you'd like to see brought back? (ex. squash matches). When I watched, it wasn't the greatest, but it felt fresh.

Nitro was also incredibly fresh at the time, even as the 96 era was clearly going off the rails week by week.  What I really enjoy about going back and reviewing that era (besides the short running times) is that watching RAW and then Nitro gives you, and stop me if this is too crazy a concept, DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.  The shows looked visually different and featured different directing styles with different stars doing different types of wrestling. 

As for RAW, what I wish they'd bring back is the more personalized merchandise sales stuff with pros like Dox Hendrix, who knew how to shill.  There's something kind of cool about showing off the newest shirts and merch and then telling you HOW YOU CAN BUY THEM.  These days they seemingly think people are just cruising the website looking for ways to give up their money.  Sell me on this stuff!