DVD Thread

Just to cover a few things that have been angrying up my blood in the last couple of days:
– FOX has announced that they're not releasing any further seasons of the Simpsons on DVD, instead only putting content on Simpsons World.  Now, this is fine if you live in the US and are one of the limited customer base that actually can get FXX and thus subscribe to the service, but everyone else in the world is boned.  Like really, they couldn't even release 18 and 19 to fill in the gap between 17 and 20 so they could be done with it?  
– Speaking of digital distribution, Star Wars releases today…again.  This time on digital, which is fine, but at $20 per movie!?  You can get the Blu Ray set for less than $100, which has all six plus another disc of extras!  Not to mention that they've managed to find another bunch of "bonus content" for the movies to go with all the bonus content on the VHS, laser disc, DVD (twice) and Blu Ray editions they've already released.  And really, all anyone wants is the original movies released in original form, which we're still not getting.  No buys.
– This will probably kill the anal retentive collectors out there, but I did another great DVD purge from my collection this morning, so I could make room for my Blu Rays.  This basically involved moving all the WWE and ROH DVD sets into folders and tossing out the cases, which hurt a little.  Took 2 96-disc folders to pull it off, as well. But we're in the Network era anyway so I have little use for keeping the DVD versions of all those PPVs, even if the original release of X-7 is worth a couple of bucks on Ebay.  i did keep the 3-disc sets in their original cases, because I'm not a monster.