Extant’s Pull List – April 8, 2015

I went on vacation, I started a new job and now we’re back with some comics.

DC Comics kicks off its two-month Convergence event with Issue 1 of the weekly series (issue 0 came out last week) and a handful of two-issue mini-series where various timelines collide, mostly featuring Flashpoint characters this week.

In addition to the main series, I also picked up Superman, The Question (written by Greg Rucka), Batgirl, Justice League, Nightwing/Oracle (written by Gail Simone) and Harley Quinn. Also available (but not getting my money because I’m still waiting for my first paycheck) are The Atom, Batman & Robin, Titans and Speed Force.

Over on the Marvel side, the big news of the week, obviously, is the premiere of Daredevil on Netflix, coming on Friday. No new episodes of Arrow or Flash, and I gave up on Gotham a while back.

In between comics, I’ll be continuing to play MLB The Show 15 on my PS4, and then on Tuesday, out comes Mortal Kombat X.

Comics are available in comic book stores and online. What about the Blog of Doom’s comic book readers? What are you reading today and what are you looking forward to?