BoD Daily Update

Steve Austin/WrestleMania 31 Update

According to Mike Johnson of, Austin was booked on a flight to San Jose and had to transfer to a flight out of Dallas from San Antonio, as did the Undertaker who was flying out of Austin, TX, meaning that Undertaker and Austin were scheduled to be on the same flight at some point.  Johnson also notes that it is entirely possible that Austin was not even aware a flight was booked for him but also confirmed that when Austin did not show up it was a topic of conversation within the WWE. Dave Scherer also independently confirmed that there was a space for Austin marked backstage at WrestleMania. 
RAW Ratings

RAW ratings dropped by 1.4 million viewers from last week with 3.96 million overall. Here are the hourly breakdowns 
8pm: 4.30 million viewers
9pm: 4.04 million viewers
10pm: 3.55 million viewers
Tough Enough Update

Tough Enough will return to USA on Tuesday, June 23rd at 8pm EST. 
Ring of Honor Announces Another New Japan Wrestler Coming into the Company

Takaaki Watanabe will be coming in for the “War of the Worlds” and “Global Wars” shows in May, joining Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kazuchika Okada, Jushin Thunder Lyger, and Tetsuya Naito. 
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