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When Did the WWE Officially Decide to Put the World Title on Seth Rollins?

According to, WWE officials decided on putting the belt on Rollins the Wednesday before WrestleMania. However, all of the key players involved were still under the impression that Reigns was leaving the show as the champion.

More Details About the Situation Between Scott Steiner and Hulk Hogan’s Wife

According to TMZ, Steiner grabbed Hogan’s wife at the airport luggage claim threatening to “kill Terry.” Hogan’s wife, who did not recognize Steiner, immediately called Hogan, who flew down to San Jose to file a police claim with his wife. TMZ also reported that Steiner is being investigated for “felony terrorist threats” and have been reviewing airport surveillance footage of Steiner confronting Hogan’s wife.

Independent Star Officially Starts in NXT

Uhaa Nation officially began training in NXT yesterday.

Credit Mike Johnson,

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