WrestleMania Weekend 2015 – Day 4: WrestleMania 31

(Photos by myself and Danielle Stolman)
It’s still
not real to me, this whole thing. It’s weird to think that I actually
went to Axxess, attended the Hall of Fame ceremony, went to WrestleMania
and got to see a RAW show live the next day.
experience has left us exhausted but incredibly happy. I never thought
I’d ever get to see a wrestling show, let alone WrestleMania.
In any case, I’m late with the show recap, so this will be a report/recap with photos.

up WrestleMania Sunday doesn’t carry the same post-Saturday feeling one
would usually have. As all wrestling fans know, WWE pay-per-views
always fall on a Sunday, which sucks because you know that, tomorrow,
you have to go back to your 9 to 5, so that’s always in the back of your
mind, no matter what you do. For WrestleMania, it’s a bit different.
It’s like a holiday. It’s like the Super Bowl. It’s like Opening Day for
baseball. It’s you, sitting with your favorite food and drink and
watching something you really like so that you have a bit of a nice
feeling going into Monday.
That’s about the best way I can describe it.
had done Axxess and The Hall of Fame, two things that I looked forward
to and enjoyed. You’d think that I couldn’t be more excited for an
event…but when I woke up the morning of WrestleMania, my brain was
practically already getting our stadium bags ready before my body was
doing it.
first thing we did was park. Since I’m an employee of a certain
networking company near Levi’s, we were able to park in the lot where I
work each day…so, that was nice. The main issue is that it was about
85 degrees outside (the initial weather reports said it would be cool
and cloudy) and even the closest work lot is about a mile from Levi’s,
so we had a hike ahead of us.
we got there, it was an absolute party. People outside, listening to
music, eating food, buying merch, discussing the matches…really great.

this point, we were about 2 hours from the pre-show and about 4 hours
from the actual show. Our ticket package included a nice pre-game
tailgate, so we had to go there first for some food…the problem was
that we both mis-read the ticket and thought the party was in a lot next
to the stadium.
it turns out, our party was in “Green Lot 4”, which is located across
the street and about another mile north of the stadium. It took talking
with six different Levi’s Stadium attendants to find this out.
You’d think these guys would know their own stadium. Ugh…so we walked
with bags in our hands and found our way to Green Lot, which is located
at Mission College near the Mercado entertainment plaza.
It was worth it.
Our party was hosted by former WWE wrestler, Matt Striker and catered by The Bad Boyz of BBQ.

also had a DJ pumping music while we ate and drank, which was a plus.
The whole affair was laid back. Striker was incredibly nice, made the
rounds to make sure we were okay, and we had some laughs. I nearly
won a signed photo of Hulk Hogan but lost on a technicality because I
didn’t say “Pontiac” before “Silverdome” when I answered a WrestleMania
III venue question. I was kinda bummed about that.
I went back to our table to eat, Striker came over and laughed and
shook my hand and said, “Man, you almost had it.” Prior to that, I
couldn’t name all 9 inductees at the WWE Hall of Fame this year. I got 7
of them but forgot Alundra Blayze and Connor Michalek. I told Striker
that I thought I had it twice and that it was like “wrestling the
Undertaker because he just keeps kicking out.” Striker laughed and said,
“Yes, wrestling The Undertaker might actually be easier.”
In any case, we had a lot of fun.

was about 3 PM by the time we left. As we were trying to get to the
stadium on-time, we elected to take a nearby “Pedi-Cab” which got us
there in about a fraction of the time it would normally take by foot and
that was a good thing because we heard Cesaro’s music booming from
inside the stadium. We hurried to the front gates.
me tell you something: that new “NFL Clear Bag Rule” is an absolute
joke. The whole point of this new rule was to make lines more efficient
because gate attendants can see right through them and determine if a
bag check is necessary. 
It only makes the entire process slower.
I’m not kidding. When Danielle got there before me, they looked at the
bag, told her to remove her little WrestleMania rally towel, her water
bottle, her sunscreen, her jacket, her camera, her batteries and nearly
everything else. It took them 2 minutes to get through her, then another
2 because she kept setting off the metal detector despite the fact that
she had no metal on her. 
The same thing happened to me.
then our tickets wouldn’t scan. The Levi’s attendant looked at us like
we were up to no good and handed us off to their manager. The manager
said, “Usually, counterfeit tickets are the main issue and give us these
kind of scanner errors…” We were horrified and couldn’t tell if the
attendant said we were faking the tickets or if somebody else
did. In any case, it so happened that the Levi’s scanners were the
issue. They hadn’t been coded to accept “certain tickets”, as it was
later explained to us. 
of the bag check thing and the ticket issue, we missed both of the
pre-show matches and got into the stadium as Aloe Blacc sang America,
the Beautiful.
I might add that Levi’s comped us new seats…right next to the entrance ramp and only a few rows from the ring!
Oh…I forgot the recap portion…let’s get going on that!
Aloe Blacc sang a nice rendition of “America, the Beautiful”, followed by fireworks.
get a WrestleMania lead-in, narrated by LL Cool J which, for a change,
isn’t awful or pretentious and talks about how we all watch WrestleMania
together since we’re all connected via the Internet.
We are LIVE(!!!) from Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California!!!
JBL, Michael Cole, and Jerry “The King” Lawler are your hosts…
(By the way…here were our seats…Danielle and I are circled and dotted:
We are off and running as ladders surround the ring…
#1: Daniel Bryan (challenger) vs. Bad News Barrett (champion) vs. Dolph
Ziggler (challenger) vs. Stardust (challenger) vs. Luke Harper
(challenger) vs. R-Truth (challenger) vs. Dean Ambrose (challenger) in a
Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
states that Truth has a “fear of heights”, alienating any fans Truth
may have had left. Immediate brawling to begin and Harper and Bryan end
up outside. Ambrose hits the Flying Psycho on Harper. Ziggler gets
tossed out as well. Barrett, too. Truth flies at everyone outside.
Stardust hits the Falling Star. Ziggler tries to dive at Harper, in
ring, but Harper tosses him at everyone. Harper dives at everyone as
well. Ambrose escapes the pile of bodies, climbs a ladder outside and
dives at everyone, too. So, now that’s done, Truth is the only one free
and in the ring. He sets up a ladder and climbs. Bryan gets in with
Barrett and clocks him with a ladder. Then he tosses a ladder at him in
the corner and adds Stardust to that pile. He dropkicks the hell out of
everything he piled up. Harper gets in, nails Bryan, then sets up a
ladder. Bryan pulls him down and hits YES Kicks. He climbs but Ziggler
pulls him off. 
and Ambrose fight over the climb. Barrett interferes but he gets
dumped. Truth and Stardust enter and Stardust knocks everyone off the
ladder. The fans chant for “Cody” and this pisses Star off. He goes
under the mat and pulls out his own ladder which is all friggin’
bedazzled. Barrett stops him and clocks him with a piece of broken
ladder or something. Ambrose attacks Barrett and gets back in the ring.
Ziggler and Harper stop him and Harper uses a ladder to beat up Ziggler.
He sets a ladder up on the turnbuckle. Ambrose comes into the ring only
to get tossed into it. Harper puts the ladder around his own neck and
uses it to nail every single guy that comes into the ring. Truth finally
stops him and hits his Truth finisher. 
comes into the ring and attacks him. Star enters as well and sets up a
ladder, climbing it. Barrett climbs the ladder and suplexes him from the
top of the ladder. Ziggler and Bryan enter the ring and climb. They
fight at the top. In comes Ambrose. He fights with both Bryan and
Ziggler. Ziggler kicks him off and Ambrose does an incredibly lame
“rebound” spot where he ends up pushing them off the ladder when the
ropes kick him back. He climbs the ladder but Harper grabs him and
a Sleeper on Harper — but Harper climbs the ladder with Ziggler on
him. Harper drops down and Ziggler is thrown off. Ziggler climbs but
Barrett nails Ziggler with a Bullhammer. Stardust comes in and gets the
same. Truth climbs the ladder but Barrett hits the Bullhammer as well.
He climbs the ladder and gets to the belt — but here comes Bryan,
climbing like a squirrel on speed and stops Barrett, knocking him off.
Bryan nears the belt but Ziggler pulls him off. Barrett pushes the
ladder away — but Bryan hits a Flying Knee out of nowhere. He sets up
the ladder and climbs! Ziggler gets in and he climbs! The two trade
shots back and forth on top of the ladder! They resort to headbutts and
trade those over and over. Finally, Bryan knocks Ziggler off the ladder
and pulls the belt off to win it!
WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Daniel Bryan at 13:49
RATING: ***. Not a bad start. COULD have been a bit longer with more danger spots, but what the hell, I’ll take it.
Post-match, Bryan celebrates.

The stadium popped BIG-TIME for Bryan here. Both before and after the match. Ziggler and Ambrose got similar pops. Great stuff.
We get an ad for TAPOUT gear, starring WWE superstars.
MATCH #2: Seth Rollins (w/ Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury) vs. Randy Orton
some quick initial running back and forth and Orton dropkicks the hell
out of Rollins, who leaves the ring. Orton chases him back in and
Rollins kicks and stomps at him. Orton comes back by tossing Rollins to
the mat and chopping at him in the corner. He punches at Rollins’ head
but Rollins counters with a Buckle Bomb. Orton counters that by running
out of the corner and hitting a clothesline. He goes for an RKO but
J&J involve themselves. Orton knocks them down, then walks outside
and hits the Elevated DDT on both guys. Rollins flies at Orton from
inside the ring, knocking him into the announce table. He pushes Orton
back in and gets a two count. Rollins hits a quick suplex and gets two,
then puts on a headlock. Orton escapes, but gets put in a corner.
Rollins hits a running forearm, then tries again but Orton tosses him
over the top rope. Rollins lands on his feet, then tries to Springboard
at Orton. He misses. Orton hits clotheslines and tries a powerslam,
hitting it on the second try. He tries the Elevated DDT, but Rollins
counters and hits and Enzuguri. Orton falls out of the ring. Rollins
hits a Springboard Moonsault on Orton, then tosses him back into the
ring. Rollins goes top rope but Orton knocks him off and goes for a
Superplex. Rollins blocks it, so Orton hits a big backdrop. Orton hits a
Flying Crossbody but Rollins reverses the pinfall, getting two. Rollins
runs at Orton but Orton grabs him and hits the Elevated DDT. He goes
for an RKO but Rollins counters. A series of counters later and Orton
hits an RKOOUTOFNOWHERE, but only gets two. Orton sets up for The Punt
but Noble runs in to save Rollins — then eats an RKO. Mercury gets one,
too, after he leaps off the ropes. Rollins kicks Orton and hits a Curb
Stomp and NEARLY gets a fall. Rollins goes to rope and tries a Flipping
Splash. Orton moves. Rollins lands on his feet, then kicks Orton in the
stomach to set up for another Curb Stomp. He does it, but Orton’s head
won’t hit the pavement…instead, Rollins flies high into the air AND
WINNER: Randy Orton via RKO at 13:15
****. Fantastic match between two of WWE’s most reliable performers and
a great ending. This match had Levi’s on the edge of their seats. It
was, at this point, where Danielle said to me, “See? Now he’s gonna cash
in later. They had him lose here so he’ll win during the main event.”

UFC’s Ronda Rousey is at ringside tonight. She was diagonally to our right.
We get the build-up for Sting and Triple H.
gets a weird Japanese Kabuki Samurai drum entrance whereas Triple H
gets Arnold Schwarzenegger narrating his entrance and, oh look: Triple H
is a Terminator who kills other Terminators. And the crowd pops for
Triple H. Oh boy. (At this point, I didn’t have a good feeling about this. Especially since Bryan and Orton had already won their matches…)
MATCH #3: Sting vs. Triple H
Cole: “And WrestleMania is brought to you by Terminator: Genesys!”
NO SHIT, COLE. Oh, and the match is “No-DQ” all of the sudden. Triple H
and Sting circle each other to start. Triple H gets shoulder tackled by
Sting, then he pounds his chest and yells “WOO!” at the crowd. HHH
comes back with a snap mare and side headlock, then hits a
shouldertackle and does the Crotch Chop. Sting immediately hits high
dropkicks and Triple H takes a seat in the corner, then bails from the
ring. Another lock-up and Triple H hits punches. He tries an Irish Whip
but Sting reverses and tosses Triple H out of the ring. Sting goes for
the Scorpion Deathlock but Triple H kicks out and goes outside. Sting
chases and tries a Stinger Splash but Triple H moves out of the way.
Back in the ring, Triple H hits a delayed vertical suplex, followed by a
knee drop for two. Triple H tosses Sting into the corner hard and Sting
goes down. Triple H does another Crotch Taunt and drops another knee
for two. Triple H puts on a head lock. Sting breaks but flies into a
Spinebuster for two. Sting comes back with some corner punches and
tosses Triple H into the corner. He goes for a splash but Triple H kicks
him. Triple H tries to go for a kick off the ropes but Sting catches
his legs and puts on the Scorpion Deathlock…
here comes Degeneration X in the form of Road Dogg, Billy Gunn and
X-Pac. Sting fights them all off, then turns to Triple H. Sting dumps
Triple H on top of all of them, then goes off the top rope and splashes
all four guys. Crowd chants, “THIS IS AWESOME”. Sting gets back up and
into the ring. Gunn attacks him and Sting knocks him off. Triple H hits
the Pedigree and NEARLY gets a pin. Frustrated, Triple H goes under the
ring to get the sledge…and the nWo shows up in the form of Hulk Hogan,
Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall and they take, like, eight days to get
there. D-X runs at them to attack but the nWo knocks them all down.
Sting grabs Triple H and hits the pin for…TWO?! Are you fucking
kidding me? Wow. (DANIELLE: This match should be over.) Sting
hits the Scorpion Deathlock but can’t even sit down on it. Triple H
crawls and reaches for the sledge…but Hogan grabs it and pulls it
away. X-Pac attacks Hogan. Nash attacks X-Pac. Gunn takes out Nash. Hall
goes for the Outsider Edge on Road Dogg but Dogg counters it and tosses
Hall to the ground. Meanwhile, Triple H gets to the ropes as the crowd
chants “TAP” over and over. Sting goes for the Deathlock again. Shawn
Michaels appears out of nowhere and hits Sweet Chin Music on Sting. Ugh.
Triple H covers…and gets two. Michaels is pissed. D-X hands Triple H
the sledge. He backs Sting into a corner…but Hall gets Sting’s
baseball bat and hands it to Sting. The two men brandish their weapons
and circle each other. Triple H attacks but Sting hits him in the
stomach, then uses the bat to chop the sledge handle in
half…just…wow. Sting drops the bat and punches Triple H in the
corner, then hits the Stinger Splash. He tries again — but, Triple H
picks up part of the sledge and nails Sting with it — and then pins
Sting to win it. Jesus fucking christ…
WINNER: Triple H at 18:34
RATING: ***1/2…if you’re going for spectacle, but the booking was absolute bullshit. Sting should
have gone over. I give it *3/4. I’m sorry. D-X and nWo? I’m not
impressed. I’ve seen the nWo AND D-X (the Outlaws) on RAW. And wasn’t
X-Pac part of the nWo back in January? Wasn’t Hogan predominantly red
and yellow for the better part of the last few years? And wasn’t the nWo
(black and white, not Wolfpac) enemies with Sting? This whole thing was
just a giant Triple H stroke-fest. And, if it’s no-DQ, why can’t the
nWo run in to save their “best buddy”, Sting, from getting pinned? Just
complete hot bullshit.
D-X pulls Triple H off of Triple H and the nWo helps Sting up. Triple H
approaches Sting…and offers his hand. They shake? Oh, PUH-LEEZE. Wow.
None of this makes any sense. 


Menounos is backstage with the new IC Champ, Daniel Bryan. He says it’s
incredible to be champ. Pat Patterson shows up and congratulates him.
Then Rowdy Roddy Piper. He looks menacing, then kisses Bryan on the head
and congratulates him. Steamboat shows up and actually says, “That
match ranks right up with the one Randy Savage and I had!” No,
Steamboat…it wasn’t. Steamboat says, if Savage were here, “he’d
say…WHOA YEAH!” No…no, Steamboat…he wouldn’t say “‘Whoa’, yeah.”
Then, Ric Flair shows up because, apparently, Daniel Bryan needs help
from a bunch of ancient superstars to get over. Flair shows up and does
the “WOOOO” thing. He chops Steamboat lightly, then yells “WOO” at
Maria. Oh, look. Bret Hart’s here, too, because WWE has to overbook everything
right now. Everyone starts yelling “YES”…and, of course, we get a
WrestleMania “DAMN” from Ron Simmons. Everyone continues yelling “YES”
and, mercifully, we walk away from whatever the hell that was.
Grey, Travis Barker and Kid Ink perform that one song we’ve been
hearing for two months during every single WrestleMania commercial. (And half our crowd section hit the bathrooms/concession stands.)
MATCH #4: Paige & AJ Lee vs. The Bella Twins (WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella & Brie Bella)
and Paige start off with Paige immediately tackling Nikki and punching
her. Nikki reverses it and punches. Nikki headbutts AJ, then hits an
Alabama Slam on Paige, getting two. She slams Paige’s head against the
mat, then puts Paige in the corner, tagging Brie who hits a beautiful
missile dropkick for two. Brie pounds on the back of Paige’s head, then
puts her into a Chinlock/Surfboard combo. Brie goes for the running
knee. AJ gets up on the mat — so, naturally, Brie knocks her off the
ring mat again. She hits the knee on Paige and tags Nikki. They hit a
double suplex. Nikki tosses Paige into the ropes but Paige reverses —
and knocks AJ off the damn mat for the third time. Nikki hits the Rack
Attack, but only gets two. Nikki puts Nikki in the corner again — and
Paige elbows Brie off the mat on the way there. Paige elbows Nikki and
Nikki runs at Paige. Paige dumps Nikki out of the ring and then dives at
both women. Paige gets back into the ring and, FINALLY, AJ is up on the
mat. Paige makes the hot tag. AJ hits a press on Nikki and punches at
her, then hits a clothesline. Nikki puts AJ in the corner and lunges but
AJ kicks her and goes for a Tornado DDT. Nikki counters it. AJ gets
back on the top buckle and hits a Crossbody. Nikki catches her. Paige
dropkicks AJ on top of Nikki. Brie saves the pin and both Paige and Brie
roll out of the ring. AJ locks in the Black Widow but Brie kicks AJ.
Paige hits a nice high kick on Brie. AJ goes for a roundhouse but Brie
grabs AJ’s leg and Nikki just hits a vicious forearm. AJ kicks out of
the pin as Brie and Paige fight outside. Paige tosses Brie into the
steel steps and AJ hits the Black Widow on Nikki to get the win.
WINNERS: Paige and AJ at 6:36.
RATING: **3/4. Not terrible but fairly pedestrian — and what was with AJ taking a nap for over half the match?



We get an ad for WWE “heroes”.
get a “Tale of the Tape” for Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. Cole
pretends Google and the Internet don’t exist and tells us that they got
this information when they “put stats into a computer” and says “the
computer gave us this”.
Cole gives us a look back on this year’s Hall of Famers.
Then we get introduced to them.

We get the build-up between Rusev and Cena…
enters with a full Russian colorguard and rides on top of a tank. Your
argument is invalid. Cena’s answer is a video package with a bunch of
shit America’s done. Each time a President pops up, they got either a
huge pop (Reagan, for some reason) or big time heat (Obama, for some
reason). Bush got nothing (for some reason).
MATCH #5: Rusev (champion) (w/ Lana) vs. John Cena (challenger) for the WWE United States Championship
cheer “U.S.A.”, but they boo Rusev. They boo the whole Russian gimmick,
but cheer for Rusev. I just don’t know anymore. Cena knocks Rusev down
with a clothesline. Rusev comes back with a high spinning kick and gets
two. Rusev hits a headbutt and an Arm Hook Suplex for two. Cena tries a
back drop but Rusev kicks him, then tosses him into a corner and
splashes him. He hits a nice Rolling Kick and gets two. Rusev picks up
the Russian flag and celebrates for absolutely no reason whatsoever as
Cena just lays there. Rusev does the “U CAN’T SEE ME” taunt to Cena so
Cena kicks him and hits Moves 1 through 3. He goes for the 5KS and hits
that. He goes for the AA but Rusev falls off Cena and lands on his feet,
then counters with a side suplex. Rusev goes for a high kick but Cena
ducks and goes for the STF. Rusev kicks out. Cena flies at Rusev who
catches him and hits a Spinebuster. Two count. He puts Cena on the
turnbuckle and goes for a Superplex. Cena blocks it and headbutts Rusev,
knocking him to the mat. Cena hits a Flying Legdrop and gets a close
goes for another AA but Rusev kicks out and hits the Flying Superkick.
Rusev misses the Accolade set-up, but manages to hit a low kick to
Cena’s head, getting two. He tosses Cena into the corner and misses a
kick. Cena hits a Tornado DDT. Cena gets to his feet and so does Rusev.
The two exchange blows with the crowd clearly behind Rusev. Rusev yells
“YOU CAN’T BEAT ME, JOHN CENA!” into Cena’s face, then hits an Alabama
Slam following a Tiger Knee to Cena’s head. Two count. He sets up for
the Accolade but Cena counters and locks in the STF. Lana takes off one
of her heels and throws it at Cena (The crowd laughed at this) so
the ref warns Lana to knock it off. Rusev breaks and hits a Fallaway
Slam. Rusev goes to the top rope and hits a Flying Headbutt! 
count and Rusev cannot believe that. Rusev sets up the Accolade…but
Cena struggles and counters it, kicking out. Cena runs to the ropes and
hits a Springboard Stunner! Holy shit. Two count. Cena gets up and goes
for an AA. Rusev breaks it and catches Cena. He tries a Spinebuster but
Cena counters and rolls Rusev up for two. Rusev gets up and slams Cena
to the mat and finally locks in the Accolade and Cole says, “Nobody’s
ever broke The Accolade!” You know, except for Cena and Swagger who both
broke it. Cena gets to his feet and backs Rusev into the corner, then
locks in the STF. Rusev gets to the ropes but Cena gets up and drags
Rusev to the center of the ring. Lana gets up on the mat so Cena walks
over to her. Rusev runs at Cena but Lana takes the bump and eats an AA.
Cena win the U.S. Title as Rusev fails America and her fans.
WINNER: John Cena via AA at 14:31
RATING: ***. Nice match but, honestly, I don’t know why Cena had to win here.


WrestleMania 32 is coming to AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas next year!
Young, Booker T, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton are at the talking desk.
We recap the Fatal Four-Way Tag Match where Cesaro and Tyson retained
the titles. They also recap that Big Show won the Battle Royal.
and Triple H are in the ring. She tells us that Levi’s has 76,000-plus
people. She tells us that, back in the day, WrestleMania was on
closed-circuit TV and she got to watch Andre slam Big John Studd. (DANIELLE: And she used Cole’s IBM tape computer to spit out stats.)
She says that the success of WrestleMania is all because of HER. Triple
H says the truth hurts. He brags about beating Sting (which draws
massive heat) and says that he pretty much beat everyone against him,
including the 76,000 people in Levi’s and the millions on WWE Network.
Then he says he owns Sting as well as all the talent backstage. So much
for that handshake, huh? He says The Authority always wins…
Rock’s music hits. This got the biggest pop of the night. He takes
forever to talk because the fans are not going quiet. Steph: “Okay! We
get it! You’re happy to see him! Can you be quiet now?” The Rock says
that The Authority doesn’t own the fans…or The Rock. He says The
Authority likes to run their mouths. But what they don’t get is that The
Rock is an East Bay Area Boy. So, The Rock says Triple H has two
choices: 1) Triple H goes backstage and dresses up as The Terminator
again…or 2) They can have a “WrestleMania Moment” right here, right
now. The Rock and Triple H go nose to nose.
H says that him and The Rock have a great rivalry that goes back years
— and Triple H kicked his ass for most of it. He says he has nothing
more to prove. The Rock says, just like he left his heart in San
Francisco, that Triple H left his balls in Stamford, Connecticut. Triple
H isn’t happy and takes off his coat. Steph steps between them and says
The Rock just likes to rile him and the fans up. He says that there
would be no Rock without the fans. She says that even his relatives
wouldn’t be anything without the McMahons. The Rock says that Steph
likes to talk about the Johnsons and McMahons…but that she wouldn’t be
here without Vince’s “johnson”. She slaps his face all the way into
next week and asks what he’s gonna do about that. She says that these
are her fans, her ring, and her stadium and orders him to leave.
leaves with Steph riding his ass on the mic as he does. The Rock stops
just outside the ring…then walks to his left…and visits with Ronda
Rousey. He invites her to jump the barrier and get into the ring with
him. She obliges. The Rock tells Steph that he’d never hit a woman…but
he has a good friend who’d be happy to. Steph shrugs it off and says
that her and Steph are friends. She begs Ronda to tell Rock that they’re
friends. Ronda doesn’t respond. Steph says that Ronda’s probably the
most dangerous unarmed woman on the planet. She says that Ronda doesn’t
realize that this is her ring and that she needs to enjoy WrestleMania
like a good little fan. Ronda says that Steph doesn’t get it: any ring she steps into is hers. She says if Steph wants her to leave, Steph should make
her leave. Steph growls for her to get out of the ring. Rock looks at
Rousey and tells Steph that the look on Rousey’s face means that she’s
about to reach down Steph’s throat, pull out her uterus and play jump
rope with her fallopian tubes. 
H says he’s tired of all this shit and wants Rock to stop talking. Rock
agrees to do so and says this is the last thing they’ll hear from him.
He attacks Triple H and beats on him in the corner. Triple H lunges at
Rousey but Rousey hits a hip toss and out of the ring goes Triple H.
Steph attacks her but Rousey locks Steph’s arm. Finally, she lets Steph
go and this comes to an end. Rock tells the McMahons that they’re

go to Undertaker and Bray Wyatt…Undertaker has his usual entrance,
but Bray’s entrance is a mix of theatrical and goofy. He has a “valley”
of scarecrows on the entrance ramp that he “brings to life” and they
follow him down the ramp. The electric signage around the stadium,
during The Undertaker’s entrance read, “NEVER SUMMON THE DEAD”, which I
thought was pretty sweet. The Undertaker also grew his hair back. It’s
still short but it’s not a mohawk anymore. The entire entrance is gold
for so many reasons. JBL, Cole and King wonder if The Undertaker is the
same guy we used to see — yet, he still looks that way. Bray just stares the entire time, in awe.
Bray says this is “his yard”, then runs at ‘Taker, who boots him right in the face.
MATCH #6: Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker
bell rings and ‘Taker is all over Bray in the corner. He beats on him,
knocks him to the mat, then does Old School. ‘Taker goes off the ropes
but Bray knocks him down with a clothesline. Bray clotheslines him out
of the ring — but The Undertaker lands on his feet and glares at Bray.
Crowd loves it. Bray grabs him by the legs and drags him outside. He
sets Bray up on the mat and drops the leg across Bray’s throat. Bray
rolls into the ring and ‘Taker clotheslines him, then hits Snake Eyes.
‘Taker goes for a big boot but Bray knocks ‘Taker down with a drive-by
lariat. Wyatt beats on ‘Taker in the corner and then puts him into the
adjacent corner. Bray hits a running corner clothesline and can’t get
two. He puts a clutch on ‘Taker but ‘Taker fights out. Bray drops
punches on ‘Taker. Bray stares at him as he struggles to get up. He
crawls to Bray. Bray leaves the ring, then smashes ‘Taker’s head into
the ringpost. Wyatt gets into the ring and boots ‘Taker in the face. He
goes to pick up ‘Taker but ‘Taker locks in Hell’s Gate. Wyatt quickly
realizes he’s in trouble and punches ‘Taker in the head until he lets
go. ‘Taker gets to his feet and lunges at Bray only to find himself in a
Spinebuster, followed by the Reverse Senton. Bray does the Hanging
Spider, then goes for Sister Abigail. Bray does the “thumb across the
throat”, but ‘Taker grabs him by the throat and hits the Chokeslam.
‘Taker calls for The Tombstone and hits it…but only gets two as the
announce team pretends like nobody’s ever kicked out of it. ‘Taker calls
for another Tombstone but Bray counters and hits Sister Abigail! Bray
covers — and gets two. Bray gets up, doing the Spider Walk, walking
over to ‘Taker, who is still on his back. When he gets close, The
Undertaker sits up and glares at Bray in one of the coolest
moments of the night. Bray just melts out of the Spider Walk. The both
get up and start trading shots. Bray gets the best of it and knocks
‘Taker all the way down. Bray goes for Sister Abigail again — but
‘Taker breaks it and shoves Bray. Bray runs at ‘Taker and ‘Taker picks
him and Tombstones the hell out of him for the win.
WINNER: The Undertaker via Tombstone at 15:13
RATING: **3/4. This had some great moments…I really don’t know, however, how long ‘Taker can continue to do this.
Post-match, ‘Taker does the “tribute” spot with the purple lighting and fireworks.

We get the build-up to Reigns/Lesnar…
MATCH #7: Roman Reigns (challenger) vs. Brock Lesnar (champion) (w/ Paul Heyman) for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
bell rings and it’s a goddamn brawl to start. Both men all over each
other. Lesnar hits a German Suplex and an F5…but doesn’t cover Reigns.
Lesnar is cut open. He walks over to Reigns and his some shots to the
gut with his knee. Lesnar hits a Fallway Fisherman’s Suplex. Lesnar goes
for another German. Reigns fights back and tries clotheslines but can’t
knock Reigns down. Lesnar counters with German #2. Reigns gets to his
knees…and smiles. Lesnar hits a Side Suplex, then yells, “SUPLEX CITY,
BITCH!” Reigns comes back with punches but Lesnar hits German #3.
Reigns gets up, grinning. Lesnar kicks him in the ribs, then hits German
#4. Reigns tries to get up but Lesnar just knees him in the stomach.
Brock drops Roman on the top rope and knees Reigns in the face
repeatedly. Lesnar hits a running forearm on a run and knocks Reigns out
of the ring. 
beckons Reigns to get back in the ring and Reigns does. Lesnar runs at
him and Reigns knees Lesnar in the face. He hits kicks to the face. But
Lesnar just grabs his leg after a few of them and clotheslines Reigns
from the ring. Lesnar goes outside and beats on Reigns. He rolls Reigns
back in and then hits a suplex throw. Reigns is tossed from the ring and
crawls back in again. Lesnar hits a belly to belly suplex, the 8th one
overall. Lesnar hits F5 #2. Reigns kicks out. Lesnar smacks the shit out
of Reigns but Reigns doesn’t care. He just laughs. Lesnar hits German
#4 and #5. He hits F5 #3…but only gets two again. Lesnar tosses Reigns
out of the ring. He goes outside and picks up Reigns and tries to toss
Reigns into the ringpost but Reigns reverses the attempt and Lesnar eats
the post instead.
is bleeding as Reigns gets back into the ring. Reigns looks determined
and gets to his feet. He hits a Superman Punch but Lesnar hangs onto the
ropes. Reigns hits another and Lesnar is rocking on the ropes. Reigns
goes for another. Lesnar catches him for a German but Reigns elbows out.
Reigns hits Superman Punch #3 and knocks him down. He hits a Spear!
Lesnar gets up and rocks towards the ropes. Reigns hits another and
NEARLY gets the fall. Reigns goes for another — but Lesnar catches him
and hits F5 #4! Lesnar can’t cover…both men are down. Seth Rollins’
music hits. (DANIELLE: Told ya’!) He cashes in the MITB contract. This is now a Triple Threat Match. O…K.
#7: Roman Reigns (challenger) vs. Brock Lesnar (champion) (w/ Paul
Heyman) vs. Seth Rollins (challenger) in a Triple Threat Match for the
WWE World Heavyweight Championship
boots Reigns from the ring and hits a quick Curb Stomp on Lesnar. He
checks on Reigns to make sure he can’t interfere…and goes for another
Curb Stomp…but Lesnar catches him for an F5! But here comes Reigns who
Spears Lesnar! Reigns tries to get up but Rollins hits a Curb Stomp and
wins the title.
WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Seth Rollins via Curb Stomp at 16:44
***1/2. Not a bad finish to the thing. I’d hesitate to call it
“ingenious” since they all but telegraphed the cash-in. Nobody liked
Reigns and nobody wanted to see Lesnar go home with the title. The only
reason WrestleMania ended on a “high note” was because Rollins was the
lesser of three evils. Yay?

Rollins celebrates as Levi’s Stadium shoots its fireworks load and we go off the air.

***1/2. Better than I expected but nowhere near as good as last year’s
‘Mania. I don’t understand the high praise this show is getting. For the
live experience? Add another two stars. There’s nothing like being

Er…that’s it.