Macho Doc

I ended up watching the Macho Man documentary on the Network last night, and I was actually disappointed in a lot of ways.  The first half-hour that they posted a couple of months ago as a teaser was tremendous stuff (covering his baseball career and early Memphis work) but once it gets into the actual meat of his WWF career it really starts to move way too fast and skips around on a lot of important things.  It's like "Bam, he's the IC champion, bam, he loses it to Steamboat, bam, he's the World champion, bam, the Megapowers explode".  It's friggin' MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE, give the guy a full 3 hour documentary!  The WCW section is even worse, literally summing up his run there as "he showed up in WCW, put over DDP, then repackaged himself as Team Madness until the company went out of business".  
That being said, everything that's NOT dealing with his in-ring career is tremendous, like the look at his relationship with Elizabeth and her death, and his second marriage.  It's really much more thoughtful and respectful than I ever would have expected.  It's just too bad that as a look at his wrestling career it's pretty lacking.  I'd still check it out on the Network, though, as it's only 90 minutes and it's an easy watch.