Steiners’ WWF run

Hey Scott,

The WWF gets a lot of deserved heat for failing to push stars who've previously established themselves outside the company.  Sting is an obvious recent example, but you can go back to Goldberg or pretty much any post-Monday Night War WCW refugee.

One act that doesn't seem to get brought up a lot in this context is the Steiner Bros.  But if you think about it, their 1993-94 run in the WWF was one of the more disappointing flops in WWF/E history, given expectations coming in.  The Steiner Bros. were far and away the best tag team in the world when they jumped in early 93.  No one else was even close.  Not to mention Scott's breakout potential as a singles star.

Their first few months with the company were OK. Wins over the Beverlys and the Headshrinkers at the Rumble and Mania, respectively, weren't terrible ways to establish them as contenders.  But letting Hogan and Beefcake completely overshadow the rest of the tag division before WM IX was a mistake, I think.  And when it finally came time for the Steiners to win the titles from Money, Inc., it happened on a random house show (and, IIRC, they dropped and regained them in the next two cities for no reason whatsoever).  Other than that, they never really definitively beat Money Inc.; the latter just split up and faded away unceremoniously (the cage match on Summerslam Spectacular and/or RAW was great but they should have saved it for the PPV).  To make things worse, they then paired the Steiners up with the Heavenly Bodies, who were literally marketed as an indie team.  Shortly thereafter, the Steiners unceremoniously lose the belts 3 months into their reign to the newcomer Quebecers, an old midcard comedy act teamed up with a rookie.  After that, with the exception of the Survivor Series main event, they were pretty invisible (MOM got the Mania X title shot over them for Gods sake!)

I know there were issues about them working Japan.  I can see that pissing Vince off, I guess.  Other than that, though, was there any reason for their short run?  Did they bomb at the box office?

Well they were never really put into a position to draw so it's hard to say they bombed.  But certainly there was tons of friction over their refusal to give up Japanese dates and their reputation for being hard to get along with in general.  And then Vince may have wanted to break up the team and push Scott and they wouldn't go along with that either.  For me, you've got the greatest tag team in the world, who fucking cares if they want to work New Japan dates half the time.  But Vince is Vince and if you weren't a WWF creation and don't want to do things 100% his way, you're nothing and get treated like nothing.