Flair/Sting ’91 Q for the BoD

Regarding Flair winning the title back from Sting in January 1991 at the Meadowlands in NJ, why at this time and why at this show? It was during a horrible snowstorm and the arena was half (if not mostly) empty according to most reports. Why not put the match and the change on TV, like at the first Clash of the year? That was the random Flair/Scott Steiner match, and we know now that the rumors of Flair wanting to give Scott the title aren't true at all…so why that random, half-empty show?

I can see if it was their first time there maybe, and the snow ruined what was supposed to be a big show, but they couldn't call an audible on that one?
Yeah, that was a weird one.  You'd think that they would have just put the belt on Flair at Starrcade if they wanted to go that direction.  And it's not like they went back to Jersey anytime soon, so it wasn't to build for big return business there or anything.  You got me.