Wrestlemania 12 question

Hi, Scott. I was just watching Wrestlemania 12 again and I can't help
thinking how Bret vs. Shawn at their peaks should've been a 5 star
affair easily and it just wasn't. It wasn't a bad match, but either
because of the booking or the tensions between the two guys it just
fell flat. I was wondering if you can think of any other matches that
looked like sure MOTY candidates on paper and weren't for whatever
reason. Thanks.

​Shawn v. Perfect at Summerslam 93 was of course the most glaring example of that.  Shawn v. Austin at WM14 should have been the epic launch of Austin​ and Shawn nearly gutted out a classic, but it wasn't quite there.  Steiners v. Road Warriors at Starrcade 89 should have been awesome and just wasn't.  Ditto for the Muta matches on that show where he was clearly unmotivated (and can you blame him?) 
Also, Roman Reigns v. Big Show.