Body of Work

I still don't get why the WWE doesn't understand that a wrestler needs to have a solid body of work before they can be elevated up the card. Look at the top Hollywood actors. They didn't just show up and become stars of overnight. Robert Downey Jr was on SNL at one point. George Clooney was on the Facts of Life where I don't anyone saw him and said he's going to make millions as a movie star.  Point being, running anyone up the card at light speed without them having some body of solid work behind them rarely leads to long term success. The actor analogy should also serve to point out that it might take same character changes and finding the right "role" before someone takes off. I know that a lot of the problem is Vince immediately slotting guys when he sees them instead of trying to find the best "role" for them and the company.

Keep up the good work!

​It's not even that there needs to be a body of work, but more importantly there has to be SOME indication that the guy is catching fire.  I mean, hey, I didn't know who Margot Robbie was before seeing her in Focus, but one bikini scene was enough to win me over.  If you know what I mean.  In the pants.  Kind of like how Vince must feel when he sees Roman Reigns.  ​