Big Dave

Did WWE really drop the ball not going all in on Batista last year? They clearly messed up attempting to bring him in as a face but once he turned heel he was really killing it. The Wrestlemania XXX main event and the 6 man Evolution vs. Shield tag matches were all amazing stuff. Even his outfits were on point, the "Bluetista" attire has to be the best heel attire of the last 10 years. Of course his movie was huge last summer which would have generated much desired main stream press. I was also thinking if they really are going all in on Reigns, Big Dave would be the perfect heel to try and get him over. After a year of perspective I really loved his run after the heel turn and it's a damn shame he's not on TV right now.

​Bluetista was just the victim of being the wrong guy at the wrong time, unfortunately.  Also, bringing him in as a babyface was a wicked dumb move too, when clearly the Evolution reunion with Big Hollywood Star Dave was the right direction from jump street.  Thankfully Wrestlemania still worked out OK last year, but Dave had bigger career ambitions anyway.  ​