Taker at WM. Whats the point anymore?

The Streak is over so what really is the point of Undertaker at Wrestlemania anymore?  I get a match with Sting would have been something as far as icon vs. icon but with Bray?  It seems like just another match.  Is Taker just gonna job out at Wrestlemania now once a year to give an imaginary rub to guys who could have used it by actually BEATING THE STREAK?  And if he beats Bray so what?  Its not like it’s the start of another streak and Bray loses to a 50 year old guy.  Nobody really wins no matter which way they go.  So again what exactly is the point of this match?

​To build momentum!  Create separation!  Move towards fulfilling their legacy at the Hall of Fame!  WRESTLEMANIA SIGN!
Yeah, I got nothing either.  ​