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Brock Lesnar/WWE Contract Negotiation News

Right now the contract negotiations are still where they were two weeks ago when Lesnar walked out of RAW. Its still said that both Lesnar and McMahon are unwilling to budge from their current position. 
Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Jealously Towards the Stars of NXT?

For the NXT: Takeover show, Kevin Owens was wrestling against CJ Parker and Bill DeMott was the agent for the match. DeMott told them that he did not like the match layout because there were too many moves and dives. Owens then reportedly complained to HHH about it and HHH told DeMott to let Owens do whatever he wanted. This led to a lot of jealousy because of the guys HHH is building NXT around are getting to wrestle the way they want and use the style that the office tells the others in NXT not to do. 
Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Major Concern Among TNA Talent About the Future of the Company?

Before the move to Destination America the TNA locker room was presented with the idea that things in the company would get better after the move but that is not the case. With no signs of any live events or PPV’s to be scheduled anytime soon and cancelling the April TV tapings and moving them to May instead means the promotion would be dark for a few months with the talent not getting paid. Those who have been with TNA for a while have been seeing the top stars leave with no real growth being made by the company as some think that its time for TNA officials to talk with them about what is really going on and what the future holds for the company. 

WWE Interested in a Lot of the Top Ring of Honor Talent

The WWE has expressed interest in the Briscoe Brothers as well as most of the top RoH talents and in some cases they may have to wait for contracts to expire before they can sign them to deals. It is also said that New Japan is interesting on booking top RoH talent for more dates. 
Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter