NXT, do they not get it?

Big fan, longtime reader. You had an emailer a couple weeks ago with the premise of "Do they not get it that…?" Along those lines, do they not get it that a big part of the appeal of NXT is the fact that it is only an hour long show, once a week, and they have their special events every 2 months? Thus the same guys aren't shoved down our throats 5 hours every week, every month. Thus their bodies and characters will last longer? Do you think they will ever relinquish the antiquated mindset that a wrestler HAS to appear every week and they HAVE to have a special event once a month? How much better would it be to have a wrestler only appear every 3 weeks on Raw and have slow burn feuds lasting a year? Are you like me and long for the days of no Smackdown, no Main Event, no Superstars, and a just an 60-90 minute Raw? If I know you well enough reading your stuff for years, that will be a definite Yes.
​Yeah, but the TV business is a lot different now, and so is the entire business model.  The Monday Night Wars triggered an arms race and you can't just go back to an hour without destroying the whole business at this point. I'd like to think that everyone can understand that.  Should they go back to 2 hours.  YES.  Going back to 1 would pretty much signal the death of the company, though.  
I love NXT, but I love it as a nice alternative to the current product, not as something that's going to support stadium shows.  It would be like what happened when ECW tried to go national in 99.  Chaos everywhere, dogs and cats living together, etc.  ​