Impact Wrestling – March 6, 2015

March 6, 2015
Manchester Arena, Manchester, England
Josh Matthews, Taz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
out of last week, we seem to not have a #1 contender. Lashley
successfully defended the title against MVP, though the match
featured a lot of interference. Other than that we have the
continuing stories of Mr. Anderson/Spud/Mandrews vs. Tyrus/EC3, which
has gone from a comedy feud to one of the more entertaining feuds in
the company. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of last week’s main event with the Beat Down Clan
getting close to taking the World Title from Lashley but Gunner and
Drew Galloway made things even enough for Lashley to retain the belt.
it’s Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle vs. Eric Young for the #1
the Beat Down Clan to get things going. Kenny King doesn’t want this
Drew Galloway situation to get any further out of control. Drew is
known as the Chosen One, but he choose to interfere in BDC business.
I thought he was known as rhythm guitarist for some band with three
guys. So now, it’s time for the BDC to choose what part of Drew
they’re going to hurt.
says this is Beat Down Clan business that was a year in the making.
He arrived just over a year ago to become the World Champion but Drew
got in the way. MVP is reasonable though and is willing to let Drew
come out here and apologize. Galloway shows up in the crowd and says
he’s at home right now. He came to the ring last week to stop MVP
from stealing the title. He’s surrounded by wrestling fans, not
sports entertainment fans.
is here to give the fans a voice and asks some fans their names.
Those are the people the BDC is screwing with and that isn’t going to
fly. King says they demand retribution and threatens Galloway’s
family if he doesn’t get in the ring tonight. Drew wants King one on
one so King agrees to send his brothers to the back.
Galloway vs. Kenny King
guys are in street clothes. King enziguris him down and MVP comes in
for a few stomps. That’s not a DQ due to reasons not explained but
Galloway comes back with knees in the corner and a snap suplex. King
bails to the floor but Drew is fine with beating him up outside as
well. He drops King over the barricade but King gets in some shots
to the ribs to take over. A tilt-a-whirl slam onto the apron has
King in even more trouble as this has barely been a match so far.
in and King drops him ribs first over the ropes and we hit the
chinlock. An overhead belly to belly gets two for Kenny but Drew
gets all fired up. He gets two off a top rope clothesline but King
breaks up the Future Shock (snap double arm DDT). They need to go
home already because this is getting bad. King hits a quick
springboard Blockbuster for two more and frustration is setting in.
He loads up a backslide of all things but gets countered into the
Future Shock to give Galloway the pin at 6:25.
D. I really wasn’t feeling this
one as they were just trading spots for a few minutes with no flow or
structure to the match. Galloway is talented in the ring but having
a big guy as the hero is always kind of awkward, especially when he’s
in there against someone not very big. Not a good debut but at least
Galloway won.
BDC chases Drew off post
Roode to talk about the three way tonight. He promises to take out
Young and get the title shot in one match. No one can stand in his
way, but here’s Angle to disagree. He
comes down to the ring but Eric Young sneaks in to go after Roode.
Angle pulls him off and gets in a fight with Young, only to have
Roode clear the ring.
on Awesome Kong vs. Taryn Terrell for the Knockouts Title later
Storm talks to Bram about joining the Revolution and asks him to take
out Matt Hardy later tonight. Bram seems intrigued.
we go to a break, we get a video on the winner of tonight’s triple
threat facing Lashley for the title in two weeks. They say his name
over and over, show his picture, and show him winning the triple
threat. I’ll avoid spoilers, but my goodness TNA, cut this nonsense
on Kurt Angle.
Hardy vs. Bram
bell never rings before they start fighting in the corner. Matt
avoids a charge and hits the clothesline and running bulldog,
followed by a second clothesline to send Bram outside. The brawling
favors Bram of course and he takes over by driving Matt into the
apron. Back in and some right hands set up a chinlock. Matt fights
up and scores with a Side Effect, followed by a moonsault to the legs
for two. Bram shoves the referee away though, setting up a low blow
and the Brighter Side of Suffering (inverted DDT) for the pin at
D+. Just a quick brawl here but
Bram joining the Revolution could be interesting. That being said,
they need to actually do something with the team before it gets stale
by just sitting there. This wasn’t much of a match though and I’m
not wild on another DDT finisher from someone out of the UK.
gets his wrench but Magnus runs down for the save. When
Bram left him laying in an alley, Magnus had two choices: go home and
hide, or be the kind of man that his son could be proud of. It’s
personal now, and Magnus is going to make Bram’s blood stain the holy
ground of England.
promises Anderson that he’ll finish things with Ethan Carter III
says he’s tired of the Beat Down Clan dominating the show and he
isn’t going to stand for it. He has an army in his corner and it
begins tonight.
of Spud vs. Carter.
Spud in a Union Jack flag to thank the fans for getting him through
all these problems. Everything has to end though, so he’d like Ethan
Carter III to come out here right now, face to face. That’s exactly
what he gets with Carter in a suit of his own. Spud wants to end
this man against man but Carter goes into his usual speech about his
not what Spud wants to hear though as he tells Carter to shut up. Of
course Spud knows everything about Ethan’s career because he was
there with Carter every step of the way. If that’s so important to
him, fight Spud one on one so he can end Carter’s streak. Carter
agrees, provided that Spud puts up his hair. Spud agrees, but thinks
Carter’s hair should be on the line too.
bends down to look Spud in the eye and says challenge accepted, but
just remember one thing: in this world, the bad guys win. Carter
goes to leave but Spud brings up all the times Carter told him he was
a lion or a gazelle. Well he isn’t any of those things, because he’s
a man. As usual, this is the best feud TNA has had in months if not
years. I can’t believe I’m saying it but my goodness it’s awesome.
Young video.
Title: Awesome Kong vs. Taryn Terrell
is defending and goes right at Kong, only to bounce off the monster
and hit the mat. Kong keeps pounding away and slams the champ down,
only to miss a charge in the corner. Some right hands stun Kong for
a few moments but the Taryn Cutter is shrugged off. The second
attempt goes just as well but Kong shoves the referee away for the DQ
at 4:15.
D. This was angle advancement
instead of a match and that’s fine. They were clearly setting up the
big showdown later on, but this protected Kong at the same time. The
problem with someone like Kong is you have to either give her the
title or beat her and end her credibility. It’s hard to grade this
as a match though as it was basically a squash until the storyline
gets beaten up post match but Gail Kim runs out for the save.
on Davey Richards turning down the Revolution’s offer to join,
setting up a rivalry between the teams.
Roode video.
Team Titles: Wolves vs. Abyss/James Storm
Wolves are challenging but get jumped by the rest of the Revolution
during their entrance. We get the opening bell and everyone brawls
in the ring with the Wolves sending Storm into Abyss and making the
monster DDT his leader. I really, really hate that spot. Things
settle down to Abyss hammering Richards down but missing a splash.
Manik pulls Edwards down to the floor to break up the hot tag though
and it’s off to Storm.
Revolution tries to double team but Richards crawls between Storm’s
legs for the hot tag to Edwards. Eddie starts cleaning house but
eats a Backstabber and the Eye of the Storm for two. Cue Matt Hardy
to stare at the rest of the Revolution, allowing Eddie to grab an
O’Connor Roll for two. Storm grabs a jumping neckbreaker and tags in
Abyss, only to have him get sent to the floor.
Wolves hit three straight double dives to take out everyone not named
Storm but Edwards kicks him down. Manik and Sanada sneak in but
Sanada mists Manik by mistakes. Abyss tries to bring in the cowbell
but Matt comes in with a Twist of Fate, setting up the top rope
stomps from the Wolves (dubbed the Hammer of the Gods) for the pin at
C-. Good night this was a mess
and I was losing track of everything by the end. TNA
really needs to cut down on the mass carnage and interference in
their matches because this isn’t making things any better. The
Wolves winning is fine, but three things: who do they defend against,
what is the point of the Revolution at this point, and HOW BLIND IS
THE REFEREE??? You had all that interference, a cowbell and MIST but
he never calls a DQ? Really?
break, Matt endorses the new champs.
vs. Carter in the hair vs. hair match is next week in London. Magnus
vs. Bram as well.
Young vs. Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode
fall to a finish and the
winner gets a title shot in
two weeks. More on that later. For
the third of five matches tonight, we have a brawl before the bell
with Roode and Young beating each other up on the floor. Roode sends
Young into the aisle before coming back in for a suplex from Angle.
Eric gets back in and tries
to German suplex Roode but Bobby grabs the referee. Instead it’s a
neckbreaker to put Roode down as Angle is sent to the floor.
stays in control but gets small packaged for two, only to take
Roode’s head off with a clothesline. A
superplex on Roode is turned into a Tower of Doom with Angle
powerbombing both guys down. Angle rolls a
ridiculous ten Germans on
Young but Roode counters the
Angle Slam into the crossforehead. That’s
countered into the ankle lock (probably because it wasn’t pulling
back on Angle) but Roode rolls through into a crosseyes.
makes the save but takes the spinebuster from Roode, who gets Angle
Slammed for two. There go
the straps and Angle puts Young in the ankle lock but Eric makes the
ropes. Angle rolls through the Roode Bomb into another ankle lock,
only to have Roode roll through and bump the referee. Young hits
Roode in the head with a chair, only
to have Angle kick him down and hit the Slam on Roode for the title
shot at 8:41.
C-. There were some major
issues with this match. First and foremost was Eric Young, because
he sucks. He makes things
that shouldn’t possibly suck suck. Like an air pump that blows air
into things. Eric Young could make it suck. You put Eric Young’s face
on the New England Patriots’
They suck.
Young is appearing at a frat house and giving away free beer? The
frat boys would go to church and drink orange juice instead because
Eric Young sucks. Eric Young sucks. He sucks on trains, he sucks on
cars, he probably sucks on orange flavored popsicles. Why would he do
that? Because orange flavored popsicles suck, just like Eric Young.
yeah, Eric Young sucks. Other than that though, this match needed to
go longer to live up to the hype this match had been given in the
show. It’s another short match that didn’t have the time to get
anywhere because TNA has to pack everything they can into a single
show and fit in all their promos that don’t advance anything.
one last thing that held this match back though: TNA spoiled the
ending. Yeah, earlier in the night there was a preview for the March
20 show. Here’s a paraphrased version of the audio. “KURT ANGLE
has battled back to the top of TNA (with a clip of Angle pinning
Roode) and is now the top contender to the World Title. On March 20,
Angle will challenge TNA World Champion Bobby Lashley. Don’t miss
this huge clash.”
all that drama that they could squeeze in to the less than nine
minutes they could give this match? Totally worthless, as they had
given away the ending already. They did this a few weeks back when
Lashley was in Lethal Lockdown. This is something they REALLY need
to work on. You could easily have switched the audio to “WHO
WON???” and the problem is solved. But it’s TNA, where the most
basic things are difficult but having an entertaining show is
becoming more common.
comes out for a staredown to end the show.
C-. This show was the
end of the run of really good shows but it was still good. Here’s
the thing TNA still has over Raw at the moment: they set stuff up,
give it a good build, then mostly deliver on it (after spoiling it
half the time). WWE is the opposite as they have a bad build but the
payoff is usually good. They
need to slow things down though and let some of the matches stretch
out. That’s making the shows feel like Attitude Era episodes: they
go by so fast that I can’t tell if it was good or not.
other major issue here is the lack of a focus. So Galloway is now
feuding with the entire BDC, the Revolution is….I think feuding
with the Hardys and Wolves, Bram might be joining the Revolution and
is feuding with Magnus, and we’re getting Roode vs. Young again
because they’ve been feuding so now they keep feuding? There’s good
stuff in TNA right now, but they feel like they’re holding things
together with some strong duct tape. That’s only going to last so
long and this episode showed some cracks.
Galloway b. Kenny King – Future Shock
b. Matt Hardy – Brighter Side of Suffering
Terrell b. Awesome Kong via DQ when Kong shoved the referee
b. Abyss/James Storm – Hammer of the Gods to Abyss
Angle b. Bobby Roode and Eric Young – Angle Slam to Roode
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