BoD Daily Update

WWE Issues Statement on Bill DeMott

“WWE took the accusations made two years ago by Austin Matelson very seriously, conducted a full investigation and was unable to validate the claims.  Regardless, WWE continues to reinforce policies and procedures to ensure a positive training environment.”

DeMott was still working at the Performance Center yesterday in his normal capacity.

Mark Henry Update

Henry was backstage at RAW this week and expected to return to the road full-time as well.

Rey Mysterio Update

Mysterio announced yesterday during a press conference for the AAA “Rey De Reyes” event that he will be returning to the company for that event, which will be held on 3/15.

RAW Ratings

Ratings for RAW went down this week with just 3.82 million viewers. Here is the hourly breakdown:

8pm: 3.55 million viewers
9pm: 4.07 million viewers
10pm 3.86 million viewers