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The WWE Is Out to Seek Revenge Against CM Punk?

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter posted the following on his website’s message board about why the WWE is firing back against CM Punk through Dr. Chris Amann’s defamation lawsuit:

WWE lost round one to a guy they now believe beat them at their own game and they can’t say that so this is what they are doing.

When they settled, they thought he had them dead to rights. Now they think he outworked them and they don’t take that as well.

Thoughts about who wins the court case is missing the entire point. It’s never going to trial. It’s about revenge for them being worked into caving early. At least that’s their version. They have to use the doctor because they can’t sue.

But they absolutely believe they are in the right.”

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WWE Hall of Fame Updates

According to, Kevin Nash is confirmed for the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015, with Shawn Michaels being the one to induct him. It also appears that the Bushwhackers will be announced as entrants tonight on RAW. Also, Larry Zbyszko’s induction will likely be postponed to a different year as the 2015 Class as reportedly been finalized.

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