Impact Wrestling – February 20, 2015

February 20, 2015
SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland
Josh Matthews, Taz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
another UK show this week with a double main event. This week we’re
seeing Al Snow face British Boot Camp cast off Grado, as well as a
twenty man gauntlet match for the #1 contendership to the World
Title. As expected, it looked like the Beat Down Clan will be
working together to take over the match. Let’s get to it.

opening sets up the gauntlet and shows us the top 5, which will
determine the order of the last five entrants. Angle is #1, despite
Roode being #1 last week and winning while Angle lost. Roode isn’t
even in the top 5, meaning this whole thing lasted two weeks before
it stopped making sense.
comes out and says he’s back to win the World Title.
wants to talk to Angle.
Hardy/Eddie Edwards/Davey Richards vs. Revolution
Storm/Abyss/Manik here and the brawl starts in the aisle. Manik gets
triple teamed in the corner to start and we even get something like
Poetry in Motion. Khoya pulls Matt to the floor and Storm sends him
into the steps to take over. It’s off to Abyss for a running corner
splash, which is as athletic as I’ve seen him in years. Storm comes
in with a Hardy pose on the middle rope but Matt grabs a Side Effect
on Manik. They’re going with the fast forward version of the
standard formula here and it’s not bad so far.
can’t break up a tag to both Wolves at the same time and it’s time
for the kicks. Everything breaks down and Richards backflips into an
attempt at Shock Treatment but Edwards makes a save and sends Storm
into a DDT from Abyss. I still hate that spot. The Wolves hit
stereo dives to take out most of the Revolution. Manik is left alone
for a top rope double stomp from Edwards for the pin at 6:30.
C. This is becoming TNA’s
standard operating procedure in recent weeks: basic, well done
matches that don’t go too far and just get the job done that they’re
supposed to accomplish. That’s a VERY nice change of pace over what
we usually get in TNA and even though I don’t believe they can keep
it up, it’s a nice start.
winners get destroyed post match and Abyss Black Hole Slams Manik.
Storm orders Abyss to carry Manik out.
are Ethan Carter III and Tyrus to rant about Mr. Anderson stop the
hair cut party last week. Ethan even jumps up and down in anger for
a funny moment. Cue
Anderson to ask a very sweaty Carter why he’s obsessed with cutting
hair. Maybe Carter should
get his head shaved and Anderson has his own clippers. Anderson
comes to the ring but Tyrus gets right in his face. The
distraction allows Spud and Mandrews to sneak up on Carter and the
beating is on. Tyrus saves his boss from a haircut but Anderson
plants him with a Mic Check and tape him to the ropes, allowing Spud
to shave Tyrus’ hair. Spud
says Carter is next.
and the Beat Down Clan are going to be standing tall at the end of
the night.
James comes into the arena and is here for some important business
involving Magnus. I’m glad
Josh mentioned that Mickie and Magnus are married, as it was coming
off like something TNA just expected us to know. That’s not
something you should ever do as you don’t want any potentially new
fans to be confused.
Snow vs. Grado
get a few more details on Grado, who missed a meeting on British Boot
Camp and was eliminated, only to come back and get eliminated again.
It would be nice if TNA actually SHOWED us this stuff instead of just
telling us but at least it’s something. Snow
destroys him to start and hits the Snow Plow for two, followed by a
moonsault for the same. Grado is really over with the fans here and
you can see that cult following showing through. Grado
avoids a second moonsault
and hits a boot to face,
followed by a Cannonball in the corner and another big boot for the
pin at 4:33. It’s as abrupt
as it sounds.
D. The match was nothing but it
gave the fans a feel good moment. I still have no reason to care
about Grado due to living in America and not being able to watch
British Boot Camp, but this was much more for the fans than nothing
else. I’m not sure how much Grado can get over outside of Scotland
but that natural charisma will get him a long way. Granted I would
have said the same thing about Joey Ryan the first time they did this
shakes Grado’s hand as he promised to do if he lost but the BDC runs
in for the attack. Drew Galloway (McIntyre) runs in with a pipe for
the save and shows about 100x more energy and fire than he has in the
last three years plus. He’s a good hire if he’s around for more than
just this tour.
Love and the BroMans are their usual selves but Kong is shown
watching with her usual scowl.
Title: Angelina Love vs. Taryn Terrell
is challenging and jumps Taryn to start, knocking her out to the
floor. A fall away slam gets two but Angelina takes too much time
going up and gets slammed down. Taryn gets two of her own off a
middle rope clothesline but walks into the Botox Injection. Love
takes too much time going after her though and eats a Taryn Cutter
for the pin at 2:37.
comes out and Implant Busts Taryn but Gail Kim comes out for the
get Royal Rumble style interviews on who is going to win the
is ready to win the Grand Slam.
Carter can beat twenty men in his sleep.
has been fighting all his life (but is he trouble trouble trouble
trouble trouble?) so this is nothing.
Ki says the BDC runs this place.
Joe says 20 men will enter and a Clan will leave victorious.
Tommy Dreamer for a chat. Dreamer
says he’s here to fight because Young dropped him on his head last
week. No Young though, so
Dreamer goes to the back and gets jumped. They
fight back into the arena and Tommy wants a referee out here for an
old school fight.
Young vs. Tommy Dreamer
spits a fan’s beer into Young’s face but gets crotched on the
barricade. Young apparently may be insane and violent but he’s not a
thief. He also bites Dreamer’s forehead and draws some VERY solid
blood before Tommy gets out a table and we get the opening bell.
They head inside but Tommy
is able to backdrop out of a piledriver attempt.
DDT onto the chair is countered with a leg sweep but Eric takes too
long setting up a table. Dreamer superplexes himself through the
table with Young barely grazing it. A
chair is wedged into the corner but Dreamer pops back up. Eric low
blows him to take over, sends him into the chair and plants him with
a good looking piledriver for the pin at 4:22.
D. Two of my least favorite
wrestlers in the world right now in a needless gimmick match which
didn’t even get five minutes. That bite was SICK though and the
piledriver looked really good too so I can give it a pass, but my
goodness I never want to see these two on TV ever again. Well maybe
Young if he drops way down the card but Dreamer is as welcome as
something very unwelcome at a place you wouldn’t want that something
to be at.
recap Magnus vs. Bram, which is due to Magnus taking a Feast or Fired
briefcase from Bram.
Mickie James to talk about her fiance’s feud with Bram. She’s had a
great year, including having a beautiful son and getting engaged
(fans: “BOO!” Also Josh was wrong when he said they were
married. Don’t get into Tenay territory Matthews), but she’s here to
call Bram nothing but a coward. Cue Bram with a cueball but Mickie
immediately rips into him for all the things Magnus has done for him
over the years. Magnus was beaten up so badly that he can’t even
hold his own son.
starts talking but it’s so quiet that I can’t understand him over the
WE WANT MAGNUS chants. The chants aren’t even that loud but the
microphone is so quiet. Bram says Magnus could have any girl in the
world but he’s stuck with her. Mickie is a needy redneck who ruined
his life. That’s why Bram battered him, but Mickie says it’s because
he knows he’s only half the man Magnus is. Bram gets all ticked off
so Mickie slaps him in the face. Referees come out to hold Bram back
and he leaves peacefully. This is already about a million times
better than any Magnus story.
and Angle are in the back (with HARDCORE COUNTRY playing) and Lashley
reminds him that he’s the champ. Angle says Lashley is next, so
Lashley will be watching tonight.
a twenty man Royal Rumble for a title shot next week. Kenny King is
in at #1 and Austin Aries is in at #2 with King sending Austin to the
apron, only to have Aries run back in and hit the Pendulum Elbow.
King hammers him back down though and Craazy Steve is in at #3.
Steve and Aries team up but the clock gets a lot faster and it’s
Jesse Godderz in at #4. Jesse goes right after Steve but has to skin
the cat to avoid an elimination.
is in at #5 and people start pairing off for fights in the corners.
The clock gets even faster as Khoya is already in at #6. Steve rakes
Khoya in the eyes but is easily backdropped to the floor for an
elimination. Chris Melendez (where has he been?) is in at #7 and
goes after Bram until Mr. Anderson is in at #8. Anderson is back in
trunks and hammers away until we take a break.
with Tyrus entering at an unlisted number. During the break, Samuel
Shaw, DJZ and Great Sanada all entered, putting Tyrus as #12. Also
during the break, Melendez was the only man eliminated. Everyone’s
attempts to get at Tyrus result in Godderz, DJZ and Shaw being
eliminated. Spud is in at #13 and goes after Tyrus, only to get sent
to the apron and spiked out to the floor. Robbie E. is in at #14 as
Tyrus puts out Khoya.
mists Tyrus from the apron but Anderson knocks Sanada to the floor
and sends Tyrus to apron as well. Tyrus hangs on and tries to skin
the cat but Anderson bites his hand for the elimination. Gunner is
in at #15 and goes right after Bram. We have Gunner, Bram, Anderson,
Robbie E., King and Aries in there at the moment. Ethan Carter III
is in at #16 as Robbie is dumped out.
go Bram and EC3 as Samoa Joe is in at #17. That goes nowhere so
here’s Low Ki at #18. It’s already announced that MVP and Angle are
the final two, meaning Roode isn’t in it due to the attack by Young
last week. We’re running out of time so MVP is quickly in at #19.
Joe throws out Anderson and it’s all four members of the BDC, Aries
and Gunner at the moment. The BDC dumps Gunner and it’s Angle in at
#20 for a final grouping of Aries, MVP, Low Ki, Joe, King and Angle
as we take a break.
with Aries being eliminated to get us down to five. Lashley comes
out to watch as the Clan takes their time beating Angle down. Kurt
gets in something like a hot shot on Low Ki but Joe Rock Bottoms him
out of the corner to stop Kurt cold. Kurt low bridges Joe to the
floor and the odds are a bit better.
Ki gets backdropped to the floor and it’s down to three. King gets
the same treatment, leaving us with Angle vs. MVP. Kurt is still in
trouble though as he gets caught with the Ballin Elbow but MVP can’t
get him out. A baseball slide misses though and the Black Out does
the same, only to have King trips Angle, allowing MVP to kick him out
for the win at 32:25.
C. Keeping this fast was a good
idea as it became a pretty boring battle royal once the BDC was in
full control. MVP winning makes the most sense as you have to give
him a title shot at some point. Angle can have his shot later but
the BDC is the big thing right now and giving its leader the win was
the right call.
B-. The wrestling here
wasn’t the best but that’s not the point of this show. Tonight was a
good example of logically moving stories forward and not doing
anything incredibly stupid (save for putting Tommy Dreamer on TV in
2015 but that’s a different story entirely). This is a MAJOR step
forward for TNA as their product is getting better, even though their
business is pretty horrid at the moment. At
the end of the day though, getting some positive word of mouth is the
best thing they can have right now and shows like this will get them
a long way in doing so.
Hardy/Wolves b. Revolution – Top rope double stomp to Manik
b. Al Snow – Al Snow – Big boot
Terrell b. Angelina Love – Taryn Cutter
Young b. Tommy Dreamer – Piledriver
won a gauntlet match last eliminating Kurt Angle
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