Blog question…Hogan/Luger in ’93?

> Here's a potential Blog question…when Hogan balked at dropping the title to Bret in '93, did Vince ever pitch losing to Luger instead? Luger was the heir apparent to the title for the rest of the year anyway, and if Hogan's beef was just that Bret was "too small" (which is such a ridiculous notion now in hindsight), surely Lex would have be


en "big" enough. Was Hogan deciding to quit the only thing that made Vince even think to turn Lex face? I have to wonder, because when you think about it, it's weird that Vince seemed to forget all about his plans for Bret at that time and focus on Luger for the rest of the year.

Yeah, the Luger thing was pretty last minute, although I'm intrigued by the notion of Hogan putting Luger over.  That might have actually worked, although at the point we're talking about, Luger was regarded as little more than a midcard act by pretty much everyone.  It definitely is funny that no one put two and two together and asked Hogan to do that job, though.