Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’ Doomers!

Hope you all had fine weekends. This is being posted early so I have barely had time to check TV. I wanted to go into a thought about how the Bret-Austin match at Wrestlemania 13 saved Wrestlemania…and not in the sense that Wrestlemania was on its death bed but when I look at Wrestlemania XI, XII and 13 they were just so…ordinary. They didn’t do much to really make them feel special.

Well from the Austin glass-breaking entrance (which was originally used for Diesel in Wrestlemania XI) to the classic match…it seemed like that match gave Wrestlemania its mojo back and while they were a few years from going to stadium shows at least the card itself, the production, the set, the pagentry felt like Wrestlemania again. When I watched Wrestlemania 13, I was watching a wrestling PPV, when I watched Wrestlemania XIV, I was watching a PPV event. Big difference.

Speaking of PPVs, one is coming in less that a week…hopefully watching NXT will have motivated those guys but I doubt it.

Also trying to get through the Jericho-Michaels podcast and about a 1/4 of the way through. Jericho is ending his winter swing of house shows and it made me think what if a bunch of guys that hated creative decided to go the same route so like Jericho, Batista, RVD, a few others would just do house shows and all of a sudden some markets would be clamoring for the house shows over the live TV.

Anyway TV tonight


Top 25 BKB: Kansas vs. West Virginia for the dudes and Duke vs. ND for the gals

8 NHL Games including my Lightning on the road against the Kings

New Gotham, New Better Caul Saul