Less PPV

hey scott,
I know “too many ppv’s” was a common mantra a few years ago but was so unrealistic because they you know actually made them money compared to about 90% of their other ventures.
1. now with the network killing off ppv can they actually drop a ppv or two without it being a big deal(ie money wise see question 5) ?
2. and would it help the product?
3. What month ppv or ppv’s would you suggest be dropped? Personally either sept/oct/december  i cant even tell the names of those ones, but selfishly i always watch sunday night football over those ppv’s anyway.
4.Would moving some PPV’s that are head to head vs nfl games possibly to saturday nights with weaker college games be an idea they could try?
5. obviously they would need some sort of hook for the network that month something that would be exclusive and would be pulled off after 30 days maybe the austin podcasts could work. What would you suggest if you were in charge?
thanks for the answers

1.  They can drop a lot of PPVs without hardly making a dent.  In fact most of their finances are assuming that each of their PPV shows going forward will do zero revenue, so that anything is a bonus.  I mean, realistically, they’ve already given up on 6 of the 12 anyway. 2.  You’d think so, but TNA tried the same thing and ended up aimless and shitty, so you never know. 3.  I’d drop every other month.  Go with Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Hell in a Cell in May to blow off remaining WM feuds, MITB in late June, Summerslam, and then finish with Survivor Series.  The combined buys for Night of Champions/non-Cell October show/TLC was less than one decent B-PPV this past year, so what’s even the the point anymore?  Just concentrate everything on November. 4.  I no speaky the footballs.  I have no idea what a weaker or stronger game would be. 5.  Just do a 2-hour special with some goofy themed hook like Halloween Havoc in October or Christmas in December or Tribute to the Troops or the Slammys.  My personal feeling is that they should do RAW Flashback as a special like that, or an Attitude era Flashback special, because I think they’d pop a Network number with it.  You’re not asking people to pay $60 for it anyway, so you can have fun with it and do something different.