BoD Daily Update

Original Plans for the Fast Lane PPV

Before the Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan match was announced, the original plans were for Reigns to beat a “top heel” and for Bryan to put over Bray Wyatt at the show. The company wanted to keep Wyatt looking strong for his potential match at WrestleMania against the Undertaker.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Who Put Together the Royal Rumble Match?

Jamie Noble was the producer for the match with Joey Matthews as his assistant. Also involved in the process were Michael Hayes, Brian James (Road Dogg), and Pat Patterson.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Ring of Honor Facing Financial Difficulties?

It has been reported that Sinclair Broadcasting rejected a pitch from Joe Koff of RoH to expand the company as it appears that they want the company for consistent programming but are not looking to invest strongly or even take chances to build it up. Also, Sinclair has told the company to “tighten” it’s spending as their December PPV had less buys (8,000) than expected and their will be much less wrestlers brought into the company going forward. Some talent like Roderick Strong, Mike Bennett, and Maria are not currently under contract as a result.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

RF Video Releases Shoot Interview with Bill Mercer

You can view the trailer, which runs for about nine minutes long by clicking on the link below.

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