Triple H’s big announcement

So Scott, what do you expect Triple H's "big announcement to be? I mean short of him saying "we screwed up the Royal Rumble AGAIN" and putting Daniel Bryan in the WMania main event (unlikely), what will he say that will put out this grease fire that they created?

​He's gonna say "The main event of Fast Lane will feature Roman Reigns putting his Wrestlemania title shot on the line against Daniel Bryan" because then WWE thinks people will shut up about it already and buy into Bryan as a possible contender, and then Reigns will win because Bryan's not actually a contender in their minds and they think that will give Reigns the rub needed.  ​Might even be a four-way and Ziggler screws Bryan over to set up their match at WM, doesn't matter really.  Pretty sure the end result is Reigns going over Bryan in some form.