How far are you into SOA now? Did you get to the finale of season 3, and did your mind explode over that plot twist? Are you into or through season 4, and were you mirin' the heel work of that character who I won't name in case you aren't that far yet?

​Yeah, I'm about halfway into season 5 now and we're still kind of reeling from the Very Bad Thing that happens at the beginning of the season.  Season 4 was super awesome and intense, but the finale was kind of a dud and pretty much deflated the season with a Russo-esque twist right off the bat.  Even my wife, who isn't someone that watches with an eye for story structure and stuff like that, commented that the twist was pretty nonsensical in a lot of ways.  Season 5 is just such a downer that we're actually slowing down the binge watching a lot.  Season 3 was like a WWF PPV from the Attitude era:  Shitty undercard, fantastic main event.  Season 4 was WCW:  Crazy good buildup and workrate, and then a disappointing finish.  
Please do avoid discussing spoilers past season 5 here because I'd rather not accidentally have the rest of the show ruined for me before I finish it up by the end of next week or so, though.