Thunder – September 2, 1999

Date: September 2, 1999
Location: Wendler
Arena, Saginaw, Michigan
Attendance: 4,653
Commentators: Larry
Zbyszko, Mike Tenay
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
We’re getting closer to
Fall Brawl and the card is starting to take some shape. The big
story coming out of Monday is Luger accusing Hogan of driving the
Hummer back in the summer, even though I don’t think anyone was still
wondering about that. Sting believes Luger, meaning he isn’t sure if
he can trust Hogan, who was totally his best friend who has never
done anything bad to him ever. Let’s get to it.

We recap
Hogan/Sting/Luger from Nitro and Hogan standing next to the white
Hummer. Wasn’t it black at one point?
Opening sequence.
In case you want to
check the color, we see the original Hummer attack on Nash. It’s
white there.
Clip from the end of
Nitro where Sting found Savage and Gorgeous George in Hogan’s locker
Here’s Diamond Dallas
Page to promise he’s going to take care of Goldberg at Fall Brawl.
He was going to do it tonight but then he realized he’s in Saginaw
and the fans here don’t deserve it. Instead, he has a replacement
for tonight.
Diamond Dallas Page
vs. Al Greene
Page makes more Mama
jokes and gets jumped from behind to start. That’s fine with Page
who hits a quick belly to back suplex and neckbreaker to take over.
We get a nice variety of choking, stomping and choking as you can
feel the televisions changing over to Smackdown in droves. Greene’s
lone offense is a jawbreaker, followed by Page ducking a clothesline
and Diamond Cutting Al for the pin.
Revolution vs. First
Family in a No DQ match for Fall Braw.
Shane Douglas vs.
Dave Taylor
The Englishman sends
him into the corner to start but charges into a boot, setting up a
gordbuster from Shane. After a quick break on the floor, Taylor
comes back with some European uppercuts before going after the legs
with a very British style offense. Back up and Taylor goes for a
middle rope forearm but Shane rolls away, sending Taylor into Regal
by mistake. The Pittsburgh Plunge gives Shane the easy pin in a
quick match.
Chris Adams comes out
with the Union Jack but Benoit makes the save. The First Family and
Revolution come in for a big brawl with the Revolution getting the
better of it and earning the right to talk some trash.
Berlyn is here. As in
WCW, not this show.
Kaz Hayashi vs. El
In something you don’t
often see to start, Kaz charges into a boot in the corner. Dandy
doesn’t follow up for some reason and gets armdragged down a few
times, followed by a dropkick to send him outside. Kaz speeds things
up with a big corkscrew dive but can’t follow up. Back inside and
Hayashi charges into another boot to the face (it’s a really bad sign
when they’re repeating spots ninety seconds into the match), allowing
Dandy to backflip over Kaz without making any contact.
That may not be the
smartest move in the world but who am I to doubt El Dandy? Yes that
joke has been done to death but what else is there to talk about with
Dandy? A couple of slams put Kaz down but Dandy misses a middle rope
splash. Back up and Dandy misses a charge but Kaz charges into the
third boot to the face of the match. And this guy is supposed to be
the next challenger for the Cruiserweight Title? Dandy hits a quick
hurricanrana but his superplex is broken up, allowing Kaz to hit a
senton backsplash for the pin.
Rating: D.
This match ran just over three minutes and they managed to do the
same spot three times. I know neither guy is on the high end of the
Cruiserweight division, but they really can’t come up with anything
better than this? Dandy
really wasn’t the best guy in the world to face Hayashi and he kind
of jammed up Kaz’s push.
comes in post match for a chokeslam, powerbomb and win #76. Wasn’t
he in the eighties just a few weeks ago? With
the lights coming down, Sid says Benoit is the only member of the
Revolution that stands out and he’d love to beat him for the US
is still around. Still not here, but around.
Title: Lenny Lane vs. Kidman
also known as victim #76, is getting the winner at Fall Brawl.
Feeling out process to start
with Kidman sending him into the ropes, only to eat a shoulder block.
After some championship quality skipping, another shoulder (please
not three times in one match again) puts Kidman down. Lane trips
over him while running the ropes though and Kidman comes back with
right hands.
headscissors sends the champ down and a dropkick puts him on the
floor, allowing Kidman to hit a big dive onto the brothers. Back
in and Lenny flips out of a Fameasser attempt before sending him
outside for a beating from Lodi. Kidman
gets planted with a reverse powerbomb (I’ve always thought that would
be a good finisher) and we take a break. Back with KidmanA
gutwrench powerbomb gets….HE
I mean, of all the people
that tried, LENNY LANE gets to powerbomb Kidman???
my mind is trying to comprehend this, Kidman comes back with a
powerbomb of his own for tow.
The Bodog gets two more but
Lane misses a cross body and hits the referee. Cue
Lodi for a DDT but it has about all the effect you would expect from
a Lodi move. Kidman reverses yet another powerbomb and loads up the
Shooting Star, only to have Lodi come in again for the DQ.
Rating: C+.
This was getting good and that powerbomb thing was actually a cool
moment. I’m sure that’s why the announcers didn’t notice it and just
kept going with the match instead of mentioning how rare it was.
Lane is decent enough in the ring but I have little desire to see him
defending the title against people like Hayashi. It’s just quite the
drop in talent, but the match could be a pleasant surprise.
comes out for the save. That would be another team that would be
better than the Windhams.
Here’s the Revolution
for a chat. Benoit talks about Sid saying people need to stand out,
so Benoit is ready to step up. Sid is going to have to beat him to
death to take the US Title at Fall Brawl and that means more than a
powerbomb. Saturn challenges Sid for tonight.
This Week In WCW
Coach Buzz Stern gives
his four candidates a pep talk and picks Luther Biggs to be part of
his Winners’ Club. Biggs looks like a stoner and falls on his face
on the way to Stern’s side.
Harlem Heat vs.
Disorderly Conduct
We get the intros this
week because Harlem Heat doesn’t have the belts coming in after
losing them on a live show. Booker wristlocks Mike to start but
they’re quickly into the ropes. Instead it’s off to a hammerlock
followed by the yet to be named Book End and the Ax Kick for two. 
Off to Stevie for a delayed double suplex, but Mike rakes the eyes to
get over for a tag. It seems that WCW has given up on the idea of
actually fighting Smackdown and is content to just let them have
Thursday nights. Another eye rake staggers Ray but a double
clothesline doesn’t even put him down. His double clothesline puts
the alliterative pair down though and it’s the hot tag to Booker T to
clean house. The Big Apple Blast (Hart Attack with a Harlem Side
Kick instead of a clothesline) is enough to pin Tom.
Rating: D.
Total squash here which took me back to 1995. Harlem Heat was a good
team but they didn’t need to be going after the belts again here. I
like having Disorderly Conduct around as a jobber team though as they
seem like the kind of team that could possibly score an upset someday
but never had any real chance.
The Windhams run in and
are quickly dispatched. After a break, the Windhams vs. Harlem Heat
for the titles again at Fall Brawl is announced.
Scotty Riggs vs.
Prince Iaukea
Riggs jumps Iaukea at
the bell as Tenay talks about a golf tournament. Iaukea comes back
with a quick enziguri and we’re in a chinlock less than a minute into
the match. Oh yeah this is going to be quick. Back up and Riggs
hits his dropkick before choking in the corner. Another dropkick and
clothesline get two on the Prince before they head outside for even
more dull stuff. Just because you go to the floor it doesn’t make
your match interesting. Back in and Iaukea misses a high cross body,
setting up a Fameasser to give Riggs the fast pin. Thankfully it’s
too short to rate, meaning I didn’t have to be bored for very long.
Ad for Cat-Bo, a parody
of Tae-Bo. This was kind of funny so points for that.
Here’s the Cat to
challenge….Hogan. That goes nowhere so he promises he can whip
The Cat vs. Goldberg
Miller gets in a
superkick with the red shoes. He then gets speared and Jackhammered
for the pin in about thirty seconds. Goldberg has his original theme
back too and it really does work better than Crush Em.
Goldberg vs. Page
Hogan vs. Sting video.
Sid Vicious vs.
Perry Saturn
Sid mocks Saturn to
start but he might just be asking if Saturn wants to get some
cheesecake after the show. Saturn ducks a right hand and low bridges
Sid to the floor but the big man casually punches and chokes him
down. Back up and Saturn scores with three straight superkicks and a
clothesline to send Sid outside. I’m shocked he’s getting in this
much offense. That offense ends though as Sid catches his plancha
and drops Saturn across the barricade to take over for the first
Back in and Saturn
nails a quick dropkick but the sunset flip is countered into a
chokeslam for….no cover. No word on if that counts as a win or not
but in WCW world it probably gives Sid another three victories.
That’s actually not the worst story in the world but when it’s at the
expense of half the roster, the value takes quite a hit. We hit the
chinlock for a bit until Saturn fights up, only to have his cross
body countered into a World’s Strongest Slam for two. Saturn makes
another comeback and hammers away in the corner, drawing in Steiner
for the DQ.
Rating: D+.
Saturn’s offense looked good and I’m actually shocked they didn’t
have Saturn do the clean job here. It’s almost like they’re
protecting the young guys instead of just jobbing them every chance
they can get. I’m sure that’s coming later, but it’s nice to get a
breather from the same stuff over and over again.
of getting a break, Sid loads up the powerbomb but Malenko comes in
for the save with the TV Title belt. The rest of the Revolution runs
out and cleans house. Notice how WCW makes sure that it takes four
young guys to get rid of two big stars,
which means young guys are ganging up on the old ones and even used a
weapon to take them out. This story is pretty backwards when you
think about it. A standoff
ends the show.
Overall Rating: D.
Well the booking was less frustrating tonight, but my goodness could
they make it any more clear that they’ve just given up on the
Thursday night battle in just a week? Sid vs. Saturn in a five
minute match is the best they can give us for the main event? The
matches were mostly short though and that makes things a bit easier
to get through, but it’s still low level stuff and some of the most
boring wrestling I’ve seen in a long time.

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