Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Well it looks like we have a big go-home episode of RAW tonight in which they are rolling out guys that will not be participating in the upcoming Network special in order to draw numbers and help promote the Network special.

And we have a Super Bowl to eventually discuss. Way to defecate the bed Green Bay! (See, I’m keeping it clean!) I’m cool with Seattle but they are some whining, crying SOBs. Russell Wilson is probably still in a corner sobbing and some guy said “No one believed in us…”….really no one believed in the defending Super Bowl champions and No. 1 seed in the playoffs? And New England always has some silly controversy following them…I swear both of these teams might make me hate football in two weeks.

So anyway, tonight’s show might be worth checking out, if not I’ll just continue watching Royal Rumble 2001, I’m up to the Angle-HHH title match.

As for TV Tonight


12 NBA Games although with the American Holiday most have been played because Dr. Martin Luther King would have wanted it that way. Bulls-Cavaliers start in minutes!

6 NHL Games tonight because the Islanders already laid the smackdown on the Flyers

New Gotham, New Castle, The Larry Wilmore Show starts tonight at Colbert’s old time slot. Tonight’s Independent Lens documentary on TBS is about a young member of the U.S. military trying to report the war crimes of his old group and his efforts. Clint Eastwood would not approve.

Enjoy whatever you watch and keep it clean!