Philly Rumble

Hey Scott,
How much do you think Vince & company are going to take the location of this years rumble into consideration when booking the event?  Considering how quickly the Pittsburgh crowd crapped on last years show, it stands to reason that the Philly crowd will be damn near riotous if the show is booked in a stupid, out of touch way (i.e. Roman Reigns winning).  Add to the fact that the Philly crowd (which I will be part of) will already be looking to "out hijack" our rival city of Pittsburgh and I feel like it would be insane to book anyone other than D-Bry to win.  If the intention was to not give him the rumble win they would have been better served to wait until the night after the Rumble to announce his return.

​I think if they get all worked up about trying to overthink the Philly crowd, it'll only make things worse.  Just have a plan, do what you're gonna do, and worry about dealing with the consequences later.  If the matches are good, they'll win the crowd over anyway.  ​